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The Chartered Institute of Housing is the independent voice for housing and the home of professional standards

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Code of conduct

As a member of CIH, you are required to accept and abide by our Code of personal and professional conduct.

The purpose of the Code is to provide members with guidelines that enable them to conduct themselves in a highly professional, appropriate and respectable manner, ultimately improving the reputation of the whole industry.
Principles of the Code of personal and professional conduct

CIH members must:

  • work within the law at all times
  • treat themselves and others with respect
  • work with integrity and openness, upholding the reputation of the CIH
  • be impartial, objective, conscientious and diligent
  • be selfless and honest in all dealings
  • make only their personal or authorised views known publicly
  • be accountable for their views or actions
  • promote equality and inclusiveness
  • value and participate in life long learning and personal development
  • promote and support these principles by leadership and example
Download detailed examples of how these principles work in practice

Who does the Code apply to?

The Code applies to all members of the CIH. Every member has a duty to accept and abide by this code as a condition of membership.

Members must report any breach of the Code that comes to their attention and assist the CIH in its enquiries into any such breaches.

What happens when members do not comply with the Code?

If a member is found to have breached the Code, we have disciplinary powers to suspend or disqualify members.

Download further information on how breaches are dealt with

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