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The Chartered Institute of Housing is the independent voice for housing and the home of professional standards

Code of ethics and code of conduct

Working in housing puts professionals in a position of trust in relation to their customers, employers and the public who rely on them to make professional judgements. CIH has a responsibility to maintain professional standards in the housing industry and to ensure housing professionals are equipped to make effective decisions in challenging situations. CIH's core values, code of ethics and code of conduct provide a profession-wide shared view of the standards of ethical and professional behaviour that are expected of others working within housing and related sectors. All CIH members are expected to adhere to these principles.

Values »


CIH's values are a set of shared beliefs that guide our conduct and relationships with our stakeholders. They form an important set of principles that shapes the professional conduct of our members across the housing industry. They are:

  • Respect others
  • Act with integrity
  • Take responsibility
  • Maintain professional competence
  • Make a difference




Code of ethics »

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The principles outlined in our professional code of ethics are based on our five core values, and provide a guide for behaviour where there are no specific rules in place in a particular circumstance. The code assists members to recognise and resolve ethical issues and value conflicts through a series of self-evaluation questions to help you to evaluate your own behaviour. Members are expected to integrate these principles into every aspect of their professional behaviour.

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When you are faced with circumstances where laws, values and principles conflict, an ethical decision making framework will to help you make a decision you can be comfortable with and can defend even when faced with a situation where there is no right answer.

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Code of conduct »


Our code of conduct provides members with guidelines that enable them to conduct themselves in a highly professional, appropriate and respectable manner, ultimately improving the reputation of the whole industry. All CIH members have a duty to accept and abide by the code as a condition of their membership.

The code of conduct also provides information about complaints handling and the disciplinary process that will be followed if an allegation of misconduct is made against a member.

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Support for members »


Professional standards committee to review and make decisions on complaints about members, non-compliance with the CPD policy and to input into other member-related policies

Ethics helpline to provide advice to members who find themselves in such a situation, acting as mentors and providing guidance on ethical issues