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The Pioneer Programme is a brand new, cutting edge leadership programme for the housing sector in Wales brought to you by CIH Cymru in partnership with Learning to Inspire.

The programme is designed to develop leadership and management capacity within the sector to enable housing organisations to embrace and influence current and future challenges. Available at three levels – inspiring, transformational and authentic - the programme promotes values led, purpose driven leadership, offering housing professionals the opportunity to explore what it is to lead confidently and authentically.

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Level 1 - Inspiring leadership

Capability driven leadership development for first time and developing managers as well as team leaders. (6-day modular programme).

  • Day 1 - Developing high performing teams
    The day will demonstrate how you can create an environment of true collaboration and cooperation by giving a powerful insight into what drives your team members to work well together to fulfil their highest potential.
  • Day 2 – Outstanding communication
    The day will demonstrate how you can establish meaningful relationships with your peers and develop the ability to express and transfer ideas to others clearly. You will also learn the art of being a good listener.
  • Day 3 – Conflict and assertiveness
    The day will focus on your beliefs about conflict and directly tackle the inner talk that arises when you think about entering into challenging situations.
  • Day 4 – Presenting with confidence
    The day will explore how to present well by using your breathing to quell nerves, drawing on metaphor to captivate, and learning how to jettison any limiting beliefs you have about your ability to stand up and be heard.
  • Day 5 – Championing change
    The day will explore how organisations must adapt to changing circumstances in order to survive, how change can have a significant effect on people’s state of mind and how you can effectively guide others through the turbulent times of changing circumstances.
  • Day 6 – Coaching wisdom
    The day will focus on what it takes to create a coaching environment. You will be equipped with coaching frameworks to enable you to reach out and establish contact with people on a persona level and support them to attain both their personal and professional goals.

Level 2 – Transformational leadership

Values driven leadership development for middle managers, aspiring first time managers or team leaders. (three two-day modules)

  • Module 1 - Self leadership
    The module will demonstrate that only when you have trodden the path of self-awareness can you create and be part of a culture which enables people to act, behave and think differently, and ultimately contribute their best self.
  • Module 2 – Team leadership
    The module will explore the expectations for a cohesive team based on the ‘five dysfunctions of a team’ model. You will understand how building trust, understanding and handling conflict and cascading communication are the vital foundations for building an effective team.
  • Module 3 – organisational leadership (2 days)
    The module will explore the predictable and repetitive patters of behaviour of organisations as they grow and develop. You will learn how to recognise and navigate change, manage business growth, future proof your business and put continuous improvement at the top of the agenda.

Level 3 – Authentic leadership

Purpose driven leadership development for senior leaders or aspiring middle managers. (three two-day modules)

  • Module 1 – Authenticity and purpose
    The module will explore the meaning of authenticity and how to achieve it. You will unearth what gives you power and competence and discover how to inspire others and share a clear vision and sense of purpose. You will also explore how, with real clarity of purpose, you can move forward with confidence and certainty.
  • Module 2 – Motivation and engagement
    The module will explore the tools and techniques to enable you to understand what drives human behaviour and motivation. You will learn the key to forming better professional relationships, how to radically change your approach when motivating others and develop the ability to influence others by getting quickly to the heart of any issue.
  • Module 3 – Personal transformation
    The module with explore the powerful techniques that enable you to challenge thought processes and behaviours to bring about transformation in yourself and others. You will learn how to challenge limiting beliefs, explore the structure of thought, and develop healthy detachment from your thoughts allowing you greater freedom in your day to day dealings.

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