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    Award categories and criteria

    Apply todayThere are eleven categories to choose from reflecting the priorities and challenges affecting the sector in Wales. Your application will need to be submitted by no later than 6pm on 2 August 2017. Don’t forget to check out our handy hints and tips section to make your entry stand out from the rest.

    New development award Community focussed contractor award
    Campaigns, communications and publications award New ideas and new approaches award
    Using technology and promoting digital inclusion award Increasing equality and diversity award
    Building safer communities award Working with other sectors award
    Empowering and involving communities award Customer excellence award
    Housing champions award  

    New development award
    This award recognises the new developments that are making a contribution to housing supply or affordability in their area, or that are meeting a previously unmet need. Winning developments will be able to demonstrate:

    • That they have worked with the local community to ensure support and that community needs are met by the development.
    • The impact that the development has for local people. Examples may include, but are not limited to: providing for a previously unmet need (e.g. older people, lower occupancy), having a significant impact on local supply, having a significant impact on local affordability, providing homes in areas that are traditionally difficult to develop in (e.g. isolated rural areas).
    • That the development has made design considerations about the purpose and functionality of the homes built – this might be designing for people with access requirements, older people, or designing at high levels of energy efficiency.

    Community focussed contractor award
    This award recognises the contribution that contractors can make towards the local community and economy. Winning organisations will have embedded delivering community benefits into their work programmes. They will be able to demonstrate:

    • The local impact that their work on community benefits has delivered.
    • That they have embraced the targeted recruitment and training agenda, delivering local jobs and training opportunities.
    • That they have gone above and beyond in their commitment to both benefitting the Welsh economy and providing benefits to the local community.

    Campaigns, communications and publications
    This award recognises the important role that both communicating change and advocating for communities plays in providing housing services. A winning campaign, communications team/approach, or publication will be able to show effective engagement with tenants or residents, and/or the public at large. Winning projects will be able to demonstrate:

    • That specific objectives were met by the activity
    • High levels of engagement from the intended audience
    • A creative approach to getting a message across, and the reasons for using that specific approach

    New ideas and new approaches award
    This award recognises the housing associations, local authorities, and other housing providers, that are pushing the envelope in terms of developing new ways to deliver housing services. A winning project or initiative will be a creative approach or idea that can demonstrate better outcomes or increased efficiency. A winning application will demonstrate:

    • That the project or initiative addresses a specific need or problem which has, using a new or creative approach, been appropriately met or solved.
    • The ‘before and after’ scenario, demonstrating that the project or initiative has been successfully implemented
    • Improved outcomes for users
    • Value for money

    Using technology and promoting digital inclusion award
    This award recognises the increasing importance of digital services and technology to modern society, and the work of housing associations, local authorities and housing providers in the field. Winning projects or initiatives will demonstrate innovative uses of technology, or projects that have increased the adoption of technology, reducing digital inequality or exclusion. Winning applications will be able to demonstrate:

    • Improved outcomes for users – a successful project or initiative will be user-centred.
    • That the project used technology in an appropriate way – was a new technology the best or only way to achieve the desired outcome?
    • The impact for local people.
    • Value for money.

    Increasing equality and diversity in housing award
    This award recognises the work of housing associations, local authorities, or any organisation in the housing sector, in increasing diversity and equality. Winning organisations will have developed excellent equality and/or diversity measures, and will have successfully implemented them. They will be able to demonstrate at least one of the following:

    • Adoption of, and progress towards, the 10 by 20 challenges, developed from the CIH presidential commission on diversity in leadership
      An approach that recognises the diversity deficiency in housing leadership, and has taken steps to addressing it
    • Increased diversity and equality in the workforce
    • A working culture that celebrates and encourages diversity and equality
    • Positive outcomes for specific groups that have previously been excluded, underrepresented, or that require additional support

    Building safer communities award
    This award recognises projects that are working to build safer communities, by addressing specific problems and supporting people who have experienced those issues. Projects could be initiated by any organisation, but must include an element that is housing-led. Partnerships between local authorities, housing associations and relevant non-sector partners/services are also eligible. Winning projects will be able to demonstrate tangible results as a direct result of the action taken. Projects may address (but are not limited to) the following issues and areas of work:

    • Anti-social behaviour
    • Domestic abuse and violence against women
    • Adverse childhood experiences
    • Modern slavery
    • Safeguarding
    • Drugs and alcohol

    Working with other sectors award
    This award recognises the projects that require the involvement of organisations from outside the housing sphere. Partnerships with sectors like health, education, personal finance, are examples, but any project that requires the involvement of a non-housing collaboration will be considered. Winning projects will be able to demonstrate:

    • That the project required the involvement of a non-housing collaboration to deliver the desired results
    • That housing was an important partner in delivering the project
    • Improved outcomes for local people or service users
    • Value for money

    Empowering and involving communities award
    This award recognises successful approaches to involving, empowering and supporting tenants and residents to shape services, to drive improvements and to deliver meaningful change in an organisation or with the community. Winning projects will be able to demonstrate at least one of the following:

    • That community members have helped to shape how a service is delivered, showing tangible benefits to the new approach
    • That community members have been empowered to drive improvement in any aspect of the business, showing the results of any improvement with a before and after scenario
    • That a community has seen meaningful change as a result of an organisations work to support community members to deliver it – this must be supported by evidence of change.

    Customer excellence award
    The judges will be looking for an excellent approach to customer services that can show high levels of satisfaction for the service delivered. You can demonstrate employee engagement in customer service, and show improvements across the business. We will be looking at both your overall approach and specific outcomes achieved. The judges will be looking for your entry to demonstrate examples that may include:

    • High levels of satisfaction achieved
    • Employees who are fully engaged with customer service
    • “Before and after” evidence of improvements gained by developing better customer service

    Housing champions award
    This special award recognises either an individual or small team whose passion, enthusiasm and commitment has made a real difference to the lives of others. Applications are sought for individuals or small teams, working in an employed or voluntary capacity, who have gone the extra mile.


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