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The Housing Report and Strategy

The Housing Report

Today sees the launch of our third ‘Housing Report: the Coalition’s mid term review’ with NHF and Shelter. Half way through the parliamentary term is an appropriate time to reflect on government’s record so far by assessing performance using official statistical evidence against the Coalition’s stated housing objectives.

In this edition of the Housing Report we have assessed the latest data for England under ten main headings, using official sources and a 2010-11 baseline wherever possible. This time, we have allocated four red lights, four ambers and two greens.

RED LIGHT: Overcrowding, homelessness, housing costs and affordability in the private rental market are all ‘getting worse’, reflecting the rising numbers of people struggling to keep a roof over their head.

AMBER LIGHT: In four areas including housing supply, planning and homeownership the report says the government has made ‘no progress’. Despite a stream of initiatives aimed at getting the housing market moving house building remains at historic lows.

GREEN LIGHT: Efforts to bring empty homes back into use and preventative action to curb evictions, repossessions and rent arrears are praised as ‘going forward’, however the report cautions that interest rates are expected to rise which could place more people at risk of losing their homes.

Half way through the parliamentary term the coalition government is failing to fix Britain’s broken housing market. The three organisations are warning that with Britain’s housing crisis deepening by the day, the government must now switch its focus from policy-making to delivery to ensure that more new, affordable homes are built.

Grainia Long, chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Housing said: “The case for investing in housing is well accepted by the government, which is reflected in recent policy announcements on growth. But funding and policy are only part of the story. Unless this translates into delivery of new homes or regeneration of empty homes then we won’t be able to house the 5 million additional households likely to be created within the next two decades. Our housing system is in crisis which demands that government redouble its efforts to ensure that we see the delivery on the ground that is so desperately needed.”

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Housing Report edition 3

Housing Report edition 3 - summary

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The Housing Report edition 2  and Housing Report edition 2 summary
Launched in May 2012, The Housing Report 2, our second report using official figures to measure government’s own performance says the government is falling well short in tackling the country’s housing crisis. Indeed using a traffic light system, the report says government is failing to deliver on five out of ten key housing indicators, including housing supply, affordability of the private rented sector and homelessness.

The housing strategy

The government's housing strategy ‘Laying the foundations: A Housing Strategy for England

was published. In November 2011. It sets out a medium-term vision for housing, until 2015. The housing strategy presents the government’s intended direction of travel for housing, its role in the wider economy and its contribution to social mobility. It sets out ideas on the shape of housing provision that the government wants to see, which involve the primacy of home ownership; social housing as welfare; and an increasing role for the private rented sector.

The strategy presents existing policies and initiatives on: increasing supply; social housing reform; the private rented sector; empty homes; housing support and quality, sustainability and design.

 We have produced a briefing on the housing strategy  which presents the main content of the housing strategy. It gives you an overview of all the funding and policy commitments, showing which are new and which were in train before the strategy and information on the forthcoming consultations that will further develop national housing policy.

Over the course of the last year, the Coalition have produced a range of policy initiatives and schemes aimed at invigorating the housing market through changes to planning policy, the financing of new supply, the commencement of the Localism Act, Welfare Reform Act, and the National Planning Policy Framework.

A year on from the strategy, Sian Sankey, Policy Manager at CIH took part in a Guardian live discussion where the impact of the strategy was debated.



UK Housing Review 2015

The 23rd edition of the UK Housing Review is now available bringing together the most up-to-date housing statistics available for England (and its regions), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.



Ticking the box for housing

Through ‘ticking the box for housing’, we're aiming to influence debate in the run-up to the 2015 general election and ultimately the policies of the next government. We are challenging all political parties to put addressing the housing crisis at the centre of their manifestos.

Homes for Britain

Officially launched at the conservative party conference, Homes for Britain is the united voice for housing. It brings together more than 40 organisations, representing every part of the housing sector. Its objective: to place housing at the top of the political agenda.