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A helping hand for housing in London


Ahead of our London housing summit, we had a chat with Jan Taranczuk, a CIH board member in the capital.

Image of people joining handsWhat would you like to see CIH doing to help the housing industry in London?

The nature of the housing crisis is well documented, but evidence of a comprehensive accelerated provision of solutions is not so obvious. CIH acts as a catalyst by identifying good practice and innovation in funding solutions and presenting them to the wider housing community - so it is in all our interests that we take this research on board, as the lack of housing affects staff working in housing as well as their customers.

This summit provides an important opportunity to learn - first-hand, from the Mayor's 'main man' for housing - how the manifesto commitments can be translated into action.  

What can the housing industry be doing to help with issues such as homelessness?

The causes of homelessness are well documented. We should be building more homes for people to rent - it's as simple as that.

With the number of homeless people in London equivalent to the population of a major town, the time for effective action has long passed. And there is a new threat on the horizon. As we respond to the urgent and desperate needs of newly arrived refugees, housing them will be seen by some as 'jumping the queue' - we need to remember what happened in the early 1980s as homeless Bengali families were being housed in North and East London.

Out of all the topics covered on the London housing summit programme, which one or two do you think are the most pressing?

That's like asking me what is the most important part of the human body! All the parts have an important function but it would be logical to start with the head. And so for our summit, let's do the same and begin with the head: the Mayor’s spokesman on housing is a must!

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