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How’s your career health these days?


Rosemary McLean, Valerie Rowles and Mark Anderson, course guides for ‘Be Bold in Your Career’, available online via CIH, suggest that now is just the moment to escalate the importance of thinking about your career.

When was the last time you had a career check-up? Dealing with fall-out from Universal Credit, social housing reorganisations and having to do more with less, housing professionals might quite reasonably believe that career development comes low on the priority list.

Actually, the turbulence of the times is exactly why you should be investing in your career health. Digitisation combined with new work patterns and changing expectations of service users are just some of the characteristics of the 21st century career landscape. Rapid and continuous change is the new reality and having the agility to cope is the best way to meet not just your own needs, but also those of your stakeholders. You won’t be doing anyone any favours if you’re feeling unfulfilled and your skills are not being deployed in the right ways. Stop paying attention to your career and you may find that obsolescence comes all too quickly.

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure and deciding that you want to take control rather than coasting is a key first step. So, how to get started on a new regime? Here are some thoughts from Rosemary, Valerie and Mark:

Rosemary: If thinking about your career is something you haven’t done for a while, it’s a good idea to take a temperature reading on where your career is now, where it’s heading and whether that seems like a good direction for you.






Valerie: We don’t all want the same thing from work and often this changes at different stages in life anyway. What are your personal criteria for job satisfaction? Why not generate a list right now? It’s useful to think about what’s essential for you to thrive rather than just survive.




Mark: Maybe you feel you don’t have time for this? Actually, just like taking care of your general well-being, it’s about getting into good habits and making them part of normal working life.




Perhaps you’re broadly content with what you’re doing and just want to continue developing. Or maybe you want to change something … or even transform everything! Whatever your situation, is it time for a visit to the career clinic? ‘Be Bold in your Career’ could trigger ideas and galvanize you to be more proactive. This former course participant sums it up beautifully:

"I have become the driver for my own career. I have stepped up a gear and I am doing so much more to get to where I want to be."

It goes without saying that we’ll guide you through activities designed to help you structure your career reflections and work out what you want.

  • Perhaps you’ll feel confident to tell the story of your career in a way that opens up new possibilities for you
  • Maybe you’ll map your network of contacts, tapping into their knowledge about trends on the horizon so that you can be future-proofed
  • You could work out the kind of stretch that will shake you off a career plateau, building courage in stages is a wonderful liberation from the paralysis of inertia
  • Or determine how to actively influence how others see you, communicating your career brand and having career conversations that lead to tangible, positive outcomes.

Resist any urge to put this off! Don’t miss out on the vibrancy and sense of achievement that being intentional about your career brings. The career doctor will see you now…

Rosemary McLean, Director, Career Innovation @RosemaryCareer

Valerie Rowles, Consultant, Career Innovation @valeriecareers

Mark Anderson, Consultant, Career Innovation, @IdealJobCoach @careerinnovator #BeBoldCareer


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