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Tom Potter shares his experience of being part of CIH Futures and challenges aspiring professionals in housing to embrace their ambition, maximise their opportunities and apply to join CIH NI Futures.

I am going to dispense with the normal statement about how exactly I got into housing, because like many other housing professionals, I arrived into the social housing scene with little or no knowledge of what working in housing actually involved, or the type career I could develop out of it!

So the question I ask is this: “You work in social housing, what is your career path”?

If I am honest, the under-30-year-old-me response wouldn’t have known the answer, or appreciated the opportunities that can arrive with a mixture of curious inquisitiveness and a case of being in the right place at the right time.

So what has changed?

Well, after having seven different roles working in maintenance, development, housing management and now ICT, I find myself wondering how I want to continue my growth and development.

A career in social housing during periods of huge upheaval - such as the unprecedented housing shortage or financial challenges caused by the crash - may seem constraining but ironically, I think it’s actually the perfect time to build your career path, for two reasons: firstly, your initial reaction might be to say that “I can’t change any of that” - but you might do so without having ever considered what your career will be in 10 or 20 years time! And secondly, you have a real opportunity to shape our housing market to serve future generations!

As a result, while some may see only doom and gloom in the midst of a downturn, I prefer to see it as a great opportunity to transform housing: and who better to help shape our market than you - our future leaders!?

If you are ambitious and you want to pursue a career in housing, it’s vital that you are connected to a network of likeminded people; that’s exactly why I joined the amazing guys @CIHFutures!

I am now networked with some of the brightest and best in the sector, and ambition is seen as a positive, in an environment in which everyone gets to flaunt their talents with great passion and showcase their love for their chosen profession.

There is nothing easy or mundane about a career in housing but that’s what attracts people to the sector. We always need fresh views, from aspiring young professionals, to build on the successes of our current generation of leaders.

So, if you truly want to maximise your opportunities, by joining CIH Futures NI you will not only have opportunity to stay up to date on all the latest housing developments, but also to become connected to a huge wealth of knowledge support, mentoring, and information sharing.

Go on! Take this opportunity to have a voice in determining the future of housing in Northern Ireland, by joining CIH NI FUTURES – and in the process, grow your career and become part of the next generation of housing leaders.

  • CIH NI Futures is recruiting for new members. Deadline for applications is the 7th of February. Apply online or email for additional information.

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