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TAI 2017 - Time to deliver


Time to deliver; no, it’s not the name of Postman Pat’s debut hip hop album, but the theme for this year’s TAI conference. We take a look at the thinking behind the theme, and what you can expect to see at conference this year.

Coming up with the theme for TAI is normally quite a tricky endeavour. It requires the perfect mix of future-gazing, guess work, the ability to be catchy (not to be underestimated), and of course the practiced and steady insight of our policy-folk.

For 2017 it came together a lot more quickly than in previous editions. It just fits so well for where Welsh housing is at right now. Let’s break it down.

The target

This is the obvious place to start. Following on from Welsh housing’s historic and very public show of solidarity through Homes for Wales, we have got what we asked for: an ambitious target for new homes. We know the number, but the big question hangs in the air, how will we deliver 20,000 new homes? Expect this to be a huge theme of conference.


The programme for government has been published, which means we know the direction of travel in terms of legislation, both new and existing. It’s early days for homelessness legislation brought forward by the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, which means a health check on what’s been delivered so far. Looking ahead will mean thinking about the abolition of the right to buy and right to acquire, as well as how the Welsh Government might respond on reclassification. Don’t be surprised when legislation is day one, morning sessions!

Resilient services

You can’t have been working in housing without picking up on the challenge of ensuring support services remain in place. That will mean working hand in hand with government, as well as on the campaign trail, to safeguard and protect vital services. The other side of the coin is how we build resilience in from day one, are there new models for delivery that can fight against the austerity tide? Expect new ideas and…

Innovative solutions

We nearly put this in the same category as resilient services, but thought our work to deliver on the promise of sharing good practice was worth its own section. Hopefully you have noticed (read and enjoyed) our Good Practice Compendium 2016 – it’s a massively expanded version of the document; containing the full application of every project shortlisted in the Welsh Housing Awards 2016. Tl;dr version: it’s the good practice Bible.

You won’t be surprised to see many shortlisted organisations have been invited to TAI 2017 to share the nuts and bolts of their celebrated projects, a fantastic opportunity to learn about good practice, direct from the source, and to take it back to the ranch to implement and improvise your own version. Honestly, we’re really proud of this bit of the programme, and we’re pretty excited about sharing it with you.

The profession

The ‘you’ in question is of course ‘the profession’, that loose term that utterly fails to describe the wonderful variety and level of contribution that people make by working in housing. Nevertheless if all of the above is to be delivered on, that means it’s time for the profession to step up and do it. Which means it’s time for us, your professional body, to deliver on opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Look out for the sessions across our main, Can Do Corner, social and Think Tank programmes that will help boost your career chances, skill set, networking opportunities and more.

So that’s it: time to deliver. Time for us to deliver you a conference that helps us grow as a profession, moves us forward in terms of practice, sets an ambitious agenda for influencing, and ultimately helps us to provide more and better homes that people can afford.

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