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Housing, the Environment and our Changing Climate


Housing, the Environment and our Changing Climate


The climate is changing, and this book aims to capture both ways in which this is true. First, the global warming which is taking place, as our atmosphere is forced to absorb ever more man-made carbon dioxide, is now an indisputable reality. It is not too late to prevent the worst effects of such climate change, but in any event it will have a profound impact on the way we live and the kinds of houses we need.

Second, the climate is changing - albeit slowly - in terms of the response by the housing world to the challenge of global warming. Government has instigated a radical approach to environmental standards for new housing, but has arguably been slower to realise the urgency of action to tackle poor environmental standards in the existing housing stock.

This completely updated version of the earlier book, Housing and the Environment - A new agenda, concentrates on the linked issues of climate change, fuel shortages and fuel poverty. A very varied list of contributors, ranging from a prize-winning novelist to a major housing developer, as well as several experts in energy efficiency and housing, cover topics such as:

  • What global warming is, and how it affects housing
  • Ways of tackling the issue in both new build and in the existing stock
  • The implications for the planning system and for local government
  • Construction methods that respond to climate change
  • How to 'green' your housing organisation
  • How the UK's policies compare with what is happening in other countries.

In publishing the book, the Chartered Institute of Housing and the book's sponsors, Quintain Estates, call for a recognition by government of the crucial importance of tackling the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock, not focusing on new build alone. This is just one of the key messages in a book which is vital reading for all those working in the housing sector.


978 1905018 60 4


Edited by Christoph Sinn and John Perry

What's inside

Foreword by Tony Juniper, Director, Friends of the Earth

Chapter 1: Introduction - the changing climate
John Perry and Christoph Sinn

Chapter 2: Climate change what is it and what causes it?
John Lanchester

Chapter 3: People and place towards a culture of sustainability
Bruce McVean

Chapter 4: Taking the lead local authorities and the climate change agenda
Joanne Wade

Chapter 5: Planning and climate change
Naomi Luhde-Thompson and Hugh Ellis

Chapter 6: Fuel poverty - social issues and sustainability
Peter Lehmann

Chapter 7: Evolution of policy and practice in low-energy housing
Heather Lovell

Chapter 8: Building new houses, are we moving towards zero carbon?
Melissa Taylor and Tom Woolley

Chapter 9: Low Impact methods of construction the way forward?
Tom Woolley

Chapter 10: Climate change and the existing housing stock
Gavin Killip

Chapter 11: Social housing 'leading' the way?
Christoph Sinn, John Perry, and Adrian Moran

Chapter 12: Case study: A changing environment - creating sustainable housing for the future - Places for People
Nicholas Doyle

Chapter 13: Case study: Black Country Housing Group
Richard Baines

Chapter 14: 'Greening' the housing market putting the green housing market in context
Adrian Wyatt

Chapter 15: 'Greening' your organisation
Caleb Klaces and Adam Broadway

Case study: The green route planner Gentoo Group
Sally Hancox

Chapter 16: Lessons from other European countries
Minna Sunikka

Chapter 17: The debate on energy and climate change a different perspective
John Perry

Chapter 18: Conclusion the need for action now
Christoph Sinn and John Perry

Published by

CIH and sponsored by Quintain Estates




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