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    Working together

    to rethink the business case for tenant involvement

    Tenant involvement, to varying degrees, has been an integral part of the social housing scene for many years. Not only is it essential to meet regulatory requirements, tenant involvement is also critical when it comes to shaping, improving and scrutinising services. At CIH consultancy, we understand that productive partnerships with tenants can improve services and business performance But, tenant involvement can come at a significant cost and organisations often struggle to understand and measure tangible benefit outcomes and impact.  

    Our latest Working together project draws on the latest thinking to explore how to intelligently get the most out of resources to support your organisation in delivering high impact yet more efficient tenant involvement. Participating organisations will be supported by the development of targeted and complementary tools for investment modelling, cost benefit analysis and tenant scrutiny, and will further benefit from bespoke support and advice tailored to each organisation’s needs.

    We want to support you to

    • Rethink and establish a clear and credible business case for involvement with a focus on evidence, impact, productive partnerships and effective resource management
    • Define fit for purpose and innovative approaches to tenant involvement that will meet the challenges of a rapidly changing operating context
    • Learn how other landlords are reshaping their approaches to tenant involvement to meet changing organisational priorities
    • Explore how to intelligently use customer data to achieve business objectives aimed at delivering better, more responsive services
    • Develop specific tools for targeted use in your organisation for cost benefit analysis, investment modelling and tenant scrutiny

    Why should you join?

    • Evaluate and develop your current practice and approaches using the insight, lessons and learning from five collaborative project workshops
    • Access project resources and innovative practice from sector leaders in tenant involvement
    • Access a communal network with all participants and consultants to maximise sharing of all practice materials, learning and organisational development opportunities
    • Receive a learning report at the end of the project that recognises the involvement of participating organisations and includes key findings from the project to create a further platform for debate
    • Receive bespoke consultancy support to review, develop and embed a bespoke response to the project themes, including an initial onsite consultation and follow-up visit

    Download our information sheet

    How can my organisation sign up?

    Working together to rethink the business case for tenant involvement will begin in November 2016. Registration is now open and we will take applications on a first-come first-served basis. Further information or to book your place please contact Deborah Good, director of housing services on 07506 851 917 or email


    Contact Deborah

    Deborah Good is our director of housing services

     0750 685 1917