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Digital inclusion - Dublin

23 May 2018, Dublin


The internet has been part of everyday life for a number of years now. Something like 85% of people use the internet every day. But, for all too long, housing organisations have been reluctant to deploy the full power of the internet for fear of bypassing those amongst their tenants who have yet to join the digital age. While it is true that disproportionate numbers of social housing residents remain digitally excluded, the majority do use digital technologies, and they are often using them in ways that are unknown to their landlords. Among the key reasons why it is vitally important that social landlords engage with their tenants online are the need to move to online service delivery to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and the need for tenants to manage their finances online as benefits systems change.

Learning Outcomes/objectives

At the end of the Workshop, participants will

●understand the importance of digital inclusion and why it is vital to ensure that as many tenants as possible can function online;

●understand the elements of a digital inclusion strategy and how to implement them;

●understand options available for tenants who may never go online; and

●be able to access new and free digital inclusion resources to enable them to further develop their knowledge, interest and skills.

Trainer Info

John Popham has a background in senior management and partnership development in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK, including social housing. For the past 5 years he has been at the forefront of assisting non-profit organisations, particularly in the social housing sector, to use digital technologies and social media for engagement of staff, residents, and partner organisations. He is number 2 on 24 Housing Magazine’s list of Digital PowerPlayers, and the 2nd best tweeter in the UK on Digital Inclusion issues according to The Guardian. As a Digital Storyteller, he uses social media to tell the story of his own daily quest to use the internet for social good and of the projects he develops. He delivers engaging and inspiring presentations and workshops designed to pass on his enthusiasm for the power of the internet to improve lives to others and to create new champions for the cause. A key aspect of his approach is how exciting, entertaining, and inspirational use of the internet can act as a catalyst to bring the previously reluctant online.

Dates & Locations

Date: 23 May 2018

Location: Housing Agency, Dublin

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