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This membership benefit is exclusively designed to support you in your job. You can access information on the latest housing issues, in-depth case studies and gain insight into what you need to know to deliver excellent housing services.

Each of the topics below is made up of two sections:

  • Knowledge: contains key information on each topic area
  • Case study: showcases the great work others are doing across the sector


New to housing
This section will give you an overview of the housing sector, the terms used, what social landlords do. It covers current key issues facing housing and what career/job opportunities are available in the sector.
Anti-social behaviour
This section will help you understand the legal framework for ASB and how to develop an approach that balances prevention, early intervention and support.
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Fire safety
This section will help you understand the legal requirements and guidance on fire safety and fire prevention and how you can work with residents to ensure they are enforced.
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Universal Credit
This information will help you understand the regulations relating to Universal Credit (UC) and ways to support tenants claiming UC.
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Domestic abuse
The information will help you tackle domestic abuse and sets out the legal options available to support survivors and their families.
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Private rented sector
The information will help you find the best ways to work with the private rented sector (PRS) to meet housing need.
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In this section, you will understand the key drivers for homelessness and the importance of early intervention and prevention work.
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Managing tenancies
In this section, you will understand the tenancy process from sign up to end and the key rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant.
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The information will help you ensure that tenants and their family members who need care or support are protected from abuse and neglect.
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Useful links

Housing rights
Do you need to know about migrants' rights to housing and benefits? Our Housing Rights website gives recent arrivals and housing advisers up-to-date information about people's rights when looking for a home, based on their immigration status.
The UK Housing Review
Do you need to check the latest analysis and data about housing in your region or across the UK? Our UK Housing Review is published annually and there is an update each Autumn. Visit the UK Housing Review website to download data and analytical chapters of the Review.

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