CIH futures: Our story

In 2017, we recruited 15 bright young individuals from all over the UK to an advisory panel to help us transform our membership offer with younger housing professionals in mind. That advisory panel grew arms and legs of its own, and by the end of the year had officially become CIH Futures, the young professionals’ board of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

We aren't currently recruiting for CIH futures but keep an eye on out on our social media channels for updates.

The core aim at the heart of everything we do in CIH Futures is to get more young members, by helping CIH to make the membership offer as attractive, valuable and accessible as we can. We come up with all sorts of projects and campaigns to engage people, involve them, upskill them, and open up as many opportunities as we can to our network, affectionately known as the #futuresfam.

General responsibilities/duties

We work as a team and most of our activity sees us split down into multiple project groups, each with a lead. It’s your choice what you want to be involved with, we all have opportunity to use our strengths and build on our other skills.

Our social media presence is important and quite high maintenance as this is our main method of engaging with the #futuresfam.

All board members have access to our social channels and share responsibility for picking up messages, interacting and growing our profile to spread the good word on CIH membership and other projects and causes we’re involved with.


Being part of CIH Futures needs commitment, both from you and from your employer.

The real work takes place remotely, so we also devote our personal time and energy to projects. The amount of time varies, but can sometimes be intense, especially when we’re getting ready for events, or approaching a deadline.

Working as a dispersed team can be challenging, so good communication is essential and the Twitter chat never stops. It’s inspiring, challenging and massively exciting to be part of, and an even rarer chance to leave a lasting positive legacy for the young professionals to come.

Skills and attributes we're looking for
  • You must be a CIH member
  • Be interested in hearing from people from BAME communities
  • People working in local authority and non-housing association roles
  • People working in London, Yorkshire and Humberside and the Midlands
  • Enjoy working in fast paced teams
  • Have experience in any of the following areas: budgeting/finance, PR/Comms, strategy, social media, frontline roles or tech and digital.
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