29 Nov 2023 | Homelessness

A whole system approach to ending the cycle of abuse

Cerys Clark discusses how tackling domestic abuse in Welsh communities is part of a whole system approach to ensure homelessness in Wales is rare

28 Nov 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Homelessness

After LHA uprating, what next?

Hannah Keilloh examines last weeks LHA uprating, examining the positives, the limitations and what is needed to resolve the ongoing housing crisis.

27 Nov 2023 | Health

Creating awareness of the red flags of domestic abuse

As part of the 16 day of activism this Grand Union blog explores the importance of awareness, recognizing abuse red flags and promoting healthy relationships and safe spaces.

25 Nov 2023

Homes at the heart of effective domestic abuse legislation

As we start the 2023 16 Days of Activism CIH chief exec Gavin Smart discusses housing's role in support domestic abuse survivors and what legislative changes are needed.

24 Nov 2023 | Tenants and residents

Safeguarding and ASB – let’s not forget the links

Jon Cox calls out the government's ASB Action Plan to include more links between ASB and safeguarding.

23 Nov 2023

Navigating the future skills requirement in housing

The landscape of social housing is evolving, and with it, the demand is on the rise for skilled professionals in housing, development and asset management functions.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Building new homes | Homelessness | Planning | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

How to get housing to the top of the political agenda

If ever we needed a reminder that housing is a political issue, this week’s reshuffle provided it, writes Aileen Evans.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Cost of living | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

New research shows dramatic Local Housing Allowance shortfall

Ninety-two per cent of the private-rented sector in Scotland is unaffordable for people claiming benefits, new CIH-backed research shows.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Climate and sustainability | Digital | Regulation and legal

Energy Act 2023: What landlords need to know about energy smart appliances

Policy and practice officer Matthew Scott outlines how the new Energy Act will affect the way landlords and their tenants think about and use energy smart appliances.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Building safety and housing management | Climate and sustainability | Digital | Tenants and residents

SEC 2023: Points of focus

This year’s big SEC conference was all about ‘resetting the focus’. But what were the main points of focus for attendees?

16 Nov 2023 | About CIH | Building new homes

Once, twice, three times a maybe?

Hear from an award-winning organisation on why the All-Ireland awards are worth their weight in gold.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Regulation and legal

The King’s Speech 2023: What was said about housing?

Leasehold reform and the Renters Reform Bill were notable inclusions in Charles III's first official King's Speech.

Member only CIH Unlocked 16 Nov 2023 | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

How to build in the tenant voice: Six key takeaways from our virtual event

As the sector prepares for new consumer standards and wider efforts to improve tenant engagement, we explored what social landlords can do to successfully harness the tenant voice.

10 Nov 2023 | Climate and sustainability

Heat pumps, electricity, and the UK’s decarbonisation agenda

That electricity is so expensive (while gas remains cheap) is a profoundly dysfunctional feature of the UK’s social system and one that undermines our efforts at decarbonising.

09 Nov 2023 | Homelessness | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

The impact of the growing, and out of sight, out of area temporary accommodation crisis

A guest post from Helen Lawrence from University of Nottingham around the impact of 'out of area' temporary accommodation allocations on tenants in our communities.