20 Jul 2022

CIH recruits digital users to help shape their online user experience

As part of CIH’s plans to improve the online experience for users, CIH is looking for members to join their digital user group specifically created to help shape the future of how we digitally communicate with our members.

The team will be at the forefront of CIH’s latest digital developments, allowing users to enhance and improve their digital skills, gain experience in digital usability testing, and help shape the CIH customer journey and user experience.

Bethany O'Malley  |  Digtial manager

This is a great opportunity to develop your digital skills and be a part of co-creating the CIH online experience. The website is a crucial part of how we communicate with our members, and it is even more important than ever, that we have a team of users to help us to improve and shape how we communicate digitally

It is not only a great time to be involved in digital but a great time to be part of CIH. How we communicate is changing as well as how we communicate, and we need a team of users who can help us create a better experience for members.

By joining as a digital user group member, we require you to commit to quarterly meetings (four times a year). These sessions will take place in a variety of ways – remote. For the most part, our sessions will be with small groups, however, if you can commit more time, we may ask you to participate in ad hoc one-to-one testing throughout the year.

*Participation in the digital user group is voluntary and unpaid.

This is a great opportunity to be part of an amazing team. We are looking for both active and non-active users and you do not need any experience, in fact, we are looking for a diverse team who can give us honest feedback on how we can better improve our services. 

If you're interested in joining the group or have any questions, please contact us and a member of the digital team will be in touch.