20 Jul 2022

Five effective anti-social behaviour case management principles

In this short vlog for anti-social behaviour week 2022 Chris Grose talks about the essential case management principles needed to effectively tackle anti-social behaviour.

Chris highlights the importance of:

  • Opening cases quickly and effectively, making sure people are able to report cases quickly in a way that is easy and accessible to the community¬†
  • Prioritising risk and the role questioning plays in prioritising risk
  • Early intervention and the role of the housing professional in understanding the cause of anti-social behaviour
  • Harm-centred approaches, the outcomes of the problems and the impact
  • Legal tools and powers
  • The importance of closing cases and asking for feedback.
Created by Chris Grose

Chris Grose Training and Consultancy provide specialist support to a variety of organisations such as housing providers, local authorities and the police in key areas such as tackling anti-social behaviour, safeguarding, domestic abuse, housing management, housing law, governance, consumer regulation and customer service.