08 Apr 2022 | Career development | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Alignment across the rented sector

In this new blog, Callum Chomczuk, national director of CIH Scotland, considers the opportunities presented by the Scottish Government's draft rented sector strategy.

01 Apr 2022 | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

Can a new duty prevent homelessness?

In this new opinion piece first published in the Herald, Callum Chomczuk, national director of CIH Scotland, considers whether the proposed prevention duty will do enough to tackle homelessness.

01 Apr 2022 | About CIH | Career development

Supporting our sectors’ next generation leaders – South East Consortium

Offering CIH membership to our Next Generation Leaders has provided each individual with the pathway to continual development as they progress into leadership roles in the upcoming years.

01 Apr 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

How do we drive up the supply of social rented homes?

Following the release of the 2022 UK Housing Review, CIH policy advisor John Perry explores what more needs to be done to address housing need in the UK.

31 Mar 2022 | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

Appropriate support, at the appropriate time, by the appropriate agency

If we are to prevent homelessness, we must ensure our sense of common purpose and supportive structures enable us to offer the appropriate support, at the appropriate time, by the appropriate agency.

28 Mar 2022 | Building new homes | Tenants and residents

Facing challenges together - Lovell

We have an enormous opportunity ahead of us to shape a housing sector that builds the right homes in the right places.

25 Mar 2022 | Career development

Discovering your talents – how and why it’s important

Explore the importance of discovering and understanding your talents and skills, how you can go about developing and mastering them.

21 Mar 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

How's your 2024 vision?

Ahead of Housing Brighton 2022, Steve Southwell, chair of Worthing Homes' residents panel explores the action needed in order to meet the requirements of the Social Housing White Paper.

21 Mar 2022 | Career development | Climate and sustainability

We need a skilled workforce to deliver net zero

In this blog Ashley Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland, summarises the discussion from a recent roundtable on the skills needed to deliver net-zero emissions in housing by 2045.

18 Mar 2022 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability | Planning | Tenants and residents

Scotland's housing land

Callum Chomczuk, national director at CIH Scotland, discusses the need to consider land supply to deliver homes and build communities across Scotland.

14 Mar 2022 | Building safety and housing management | Tenants and residents

Keeping the plates spinning – the reality of modern asset management

Ahead of Housing Brighton in May 2022, Elly Hoult explores how we face the biggest challenges in asset management ensure residents are living in safe, warm, dry, and modern homes.

10 Mar 2022 | Career development

Five top tips for career development

Career development, progression and growth are vital to our professional lives for so many reasons. Here are five top and essential tips from PushFar to help you.

09 Mar 2022 | Career development

11 tips for writing the perfect CV

Land your dream role by following these tips brought to you by PushFar to polish up your CV.

09 Mar 2022 | Career development

11 tips that can help you when changing career paths or industries

Sometimes you just need a change. Mentoring experts, PushFar have pulled together some excellent top tips to get you started.

08 Mar 2022

Being a young woman in digital can be empowering

CIH is proud to be supporting International Women’s Day 2022, which this year is focusing on breaking the bias.

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