23 Jun 2021 | Building safety and housing management | Regulation and legal

How can the construction industry lead efforts to put building safety first?

Amanda Long, chief executive of the Building a Safer Future Charter shares more about the initiative, created to promote an urgent and positive culture and behaviour change.

22 Jun 2021 | Homelessness

Rising to the challenge of ending youth homelessness in Scotland

In this blog, John Kerr outlines partnership work aimed at tackling youth homelessness in West Dunbartonshire.

22 Jun 2021 | Climate and sustainability

To build or not to build - that is the DORIC

Stewart Little, CEO of IRT Survey's shares more about how their advance thermal imaging survey technology and DREam platform is achieving significant gains in energy performance.

18 Jun 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

What Windrush Day means to me

Amanda Bhavnani, Eastlight Community Homes’ communications advisor, shares what Windrush Day on 22 June means to her and her family.

17 Jun 2021

The complexity of choice

In a series of blogs, CIH's Yoric Irving-Clarke looks at some common philosophical assumptions, unpicking them in relation to housing. This week, he looks at the complexity of choice.

17 Jun 2021

Looking back on a Cartrefi Conwy award hat-trick

Annette Hennessey, communication and marketing manager at Cartrefi Conwy, looks back on the organisation's incredible award hat-trick at the Welsh Housing Awards 2019.

15 Jun 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Regulation and legal

How can the UK’s social housing stigma be overturned?

Social housing plays an essential role in the UK’s housing and social environment but there is an inherent and unwarranted stigma attached to it.

14 Jun 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Climate and sustainability

Building a brighter future in housing

Gemma Clisset, regional partnerships director at Lovell discusses how the pandemic's restrictions caused to rethink their operations entirely and adapt to critical changes in the market.

09 Jun 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes

Affordable housing must be at the heart of the Government’s legislative agenda

Leigh Pearce, chief executive of The Nationwide Foundation makes the case for a national housing strategy, using data from the Affordable Housing Commission and the Archbishops’ Housing Commission

09 Jun 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes

The government launches ‘Own Your Home’

CIH policy and practice officer Hannah Keilloh explores the government's Own Your Home campaign, questioning whether this is really support that society needs to tackle the housing crisis.

07 Jun 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Raising the standard for Windrush

Nigel Guy shares more about ‘Raising the Standard for Windrush’ ahead of Windrush Day on 22 June 2021.

07 Jun 2021 | About CIH | Career development | Regulation and legal

Coronavirus – a view from the housing frontline

In this new guest blog, Sue Shone talks about her exerience of managing a team of frontline housing staff and having to adapt to new challenges during the pandemic.

04 Jun 2021 | Affordability and benefits

Arrears in the time of COVID-19

Chris Holloway shares his reflections on how Greatwell Homes' have amended their income practices during the pandemic to help you in your quest to reduce arrears.

02 Jun 2021 | Homelessness

A traumatised system: lessons learned from commissioning homelessness services over the past decade

Reflecting on the pandemic, Riverside's John Glenton discusses the new homelessness report post-script and the impact COVID-19 has had on the resilience of this already-traumatised system.

02 Jun 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

What does Pride Month mean to me?

Andrew Allocca, development manager for Eastlight Homes, tells us about the impact the Pride Movement has had on his life.

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