27 Apr 2021 | Building new homes

Developing the skills to meet the vision for housing in Wales

National director of CIH Cymru Matt Dicks explores political party commitments ahead of the Senedd election.

26 Apr 2021 | Career development

What does Housing to 2040 say about our profession?

In this blog Callum Chomczuk, National director of CIH Scotland talks about why we need to support housing professionals if we are to achieve the ambitions set out in Housing to 2040.

21 Apr 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

Government’s race commission largely ignores housing issues

CIH chief executive, Gavin Smart discusses the official Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities in the context of the housing sector.

20 Apr 2021 | Homelessness

We need affordable housing supply and radical policy responses if we are to end homelessness for good

This year’s UK Housing Review shows what can be done to address homelessness if the political will is there and highlights the divergence across the UK of progress to end homelessness for good.

19 Apr 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Regulation and legal

Thousands of European nationals could miss out on housing and benefits

European nationals living in the UK don't have long to apply to the European Union Settlement Scheme to regularise their status now that Brexit has brought an end to ‘free movement’.

15 Apr 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability | Health | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

Housing to 2040 - a dream or promise for real deeds?

In 2019 the Cross Party Group on Housing established a sub group to respond to Housing to 2040. In this guest blog, Steven Tolson, Chair of the CPG sub group reacts to the final Housing to 2040 vision

14 Apr 2021 | About CIH | Free | Health

Housing professionals and tenants working together to tackle stigma

CIH's Sarah Davis discusses our existing work and upcoming webinar with See the Person to address the stigma that many housing tenants and residents face.

13 Apr 2021 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability | Regulation and legal

Local and mayoral elections: is the government listening?

Paul Hackett director of the Smith Institute and secretary to the Affordable Housing Commission discusses the upcoming local and mayoral elections.

12 Apr 2021

Housing as a human right

In this new blog, Callum Chomczuk, national director of CIH Scotland discusses how we can realise housing as a human right in Scotland.

06 Apr 2021 | Climate and sustainability

The climate has changed

Nicholas Doyle, director of Adecoe explores whether the housing sector could write its own low carbon future and lay out a manifesto for action.

30 Mar 2021 | Building safety and housing management | Regulation and legal

Private renters in Northern Ireland set to receive periodic electrical safety checks

Heather Wilson CIH's Heather Wilson explores the intention to bring forward legislation that will place a duty on private landlords to carry out periodic electrical checks within their properties.

29 Mar 2021

Why should the housing sector take on dementia?

In this blog Ashley Campbell, Policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland talks about the housing sector's role in supporting people with dementia.

18 Mar 2021 | Building new homes | Regulation and legal

How can we improve our skills to deliver better construction outcomes?

CIH member Tom Jarman explores change in the context of social housing, and why we need a culture that delivers construction outcomes that are fundamental to our core purpose.

16 Mar 2021

Are you really listening?

Issie Howard reflects the Social Housing White Paper, exploring how tenant voices can strengthen the impact housing associations can have.

15 Mar 2021 | Climate and sustainability

Bringing net zero energy solutions to the UK’s social housing sector

In its Reducing UK emissions: 2020 progress report, the Climate Change Committee highlighted five clear investment priorities that are critical in our drive to a more sustainable future.

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