04 Aug 2021 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability | Regulation and legal

Why we must include Band D social homes in the Energy Company Obligation eligibility criteria

CIH's Alexandra Gibson highlights why Band D social homes should be eligible for funding under ECO4 if we are to reach new statutory fuel poverty targets 2025.

03 Aug 2021 | Career development

Five reasons why you should consider mentoring others

From interpersonal skills to coaching experience, being a mentor is a fantastic way to develop yourself and provide support to others.

02 Aug 2021 | Health

Making housing and dementia a national priority: second update from the National Housing and Dementia Forum

This is the second update from the National Housing and Dementia Forum co-chaired by CIH Scotland and the University of Stirling's Dementia Services Development Centre.

30 Jul 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Homelessness

Notice to quit - where are we now and where are we going?

In this blog, Heather Wilson reviews the current ‘notice to quit’ legislation in Northern Ireland and the potential changes that could lie ahead for tenants and landlords.

28 Jul 2021 | Building new homes | Regulation and legal

A step closer to beauty?

CIH's Hannah Keilloh gives an overview of the key elements that have changed in the National Planning Policy Framework.

23 Jul 2021 | About CIH | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Being part of the CIH equality, diversity and inclusion group

CIH London board member Daniel Revell-Wiseman shares more about his life experiences and the importance of being part of CIH's equality, diversity and inclusion group.

22 Jul 2021 | About CIH | Career development

The leap to Level 5

CIH's Niki Walton reflects on her experience completing the Level 5 Diploma in Housing.

21 Jul 2021 | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

Our housing system should provide a safe haven for people seeking protection

In this blog, Ashley Campbell explains why CIH Scotland has supported the publication of new guidance to help housong practitioners understand the asylum process in the UK.

20 Jul 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Stigma and social housing in England

Mercy Denedo and Amanze Ejiogu discuss their recent report investigating the origins of and motivators behind the stigma attached to social housing in England.

15 Jul 2021 | Digital

A digital future in housing

Futr, sponsors of our new Housing management summit share more about their work and why they're excited to be joining the housing sector on our digital journey.

13 Jul 2021 | Health

Compassion fatigue in housing

After attending a webinar on compassion fatigue earlier this year, CIH fellow Maggie Shannon share some important learning for the sector.

05 Jul 2021 | Health

Making housing and dementia a national priority

In this blog, the co-chairs of Scotland's new National Housing and Dementia Forum give a summary of what they have heard from participants so far.

Survey 28 Jun 2021

Landlords, have you recently issued or received a ‘notice to quit’?

Join CIH Northern Ireland's research into private tenancies and 'notice to quit'.

28 Jun 2021 | Digital

Will COVID-19 will be the catalyst for greater use of technology in supported housing?

Zillah Moore, director at Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the impact that COVID has had on supported housing, and whether it will be the catalyst for an increase in investment in technology.

24 Jun 2021

Supporting residents to live well requires delivering a quality customer experience

Metropolitan Thames Valley chair, Althea Efunshile discusses the importance in delivering quality customer service in order to build and maintain trust with residents.

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