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We believe that it is crucial to the housing sector that individuals and organisations have the skills and knowledge they need to deliver excellence for their customers. To make this happen, the CIH awarding organisation partners with approved centres to deliver a range of qualifications to the housing and property management sectors.


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Approved centres are responsible for:

  • developing the supporting teaching materials
  • assignments
  • co-ordinating the student studies
  • teaching the course
  • managing the internal quality assurance and internal verification
  • market the programme
  • administer the CIH learner registration fees

When you can provide evidence that you are capable of delivering the qualifications you wish to offer approval will be granted. You must have the facilities, resources, quality systems and qualified personnel to meet the CIH awarding organisation requirements.

What is an approved centre?

As an approved centre for the delivery of CIH qualifications, you are able to deliver qualification programmes designed by the CIH awarding organisation to the housing and property management sectors.

For each qualification, we set the specification and the learning outcomes of the units and externally quality assure all courses. They can be offered on a part-time, full-time, blended learning or block release study basis, or via online learning.

Fees for approved centres

There are some fees associated with becoming an approved centre and the delivery of CIH qualifications for the housing and property management sectors, including centre fees and learner registration fees. The fees outlined below are valid from 1 April 2019 until 31 March 2020.

Learner registration fees

There will be an initial fee to cover the registration through certification process and a fee per unit in the qualification. Therefore a larger qualification will cost more than a smaller qualification and a higher level qualification will cost more than a lower level qualification. If you devise a course that contains units which together do not make an approved qualification you will be charged a one off registration/certification fee for each learner, plus an individual unit fee for each unit in the course, for each learner.

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Individual unit fee for Level 2


Individual unit fee for Level 3


Individual unit fee for Level 4


Individual unit fee for Level 5


One off registration / certification fee



Centre fees

As well as an initial fee at the time of approval, an annual fee to maintain CIH approved centre status applies. Services provided in return for these fees include: support to gain approval to deliver a new qualification or unit, administrative support, and centre visits from an external quality assurer.

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New centre approval (includes initial qualification/s)


Centre approval to deliver additional qualification
(fee is per qualification)


Approval to deliver additional unit (per unit)


Annual approved centre fee


Additional external quality assurance (EQA) visit


Additional external quality assurance support (per day)



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Awarding organisation fee rules and assumptions

  • Centres will register learners on the most appropriate learning aim (qualification or combination of units)
  • Registration fees are non-refundable
  • If a learner defers and returns to learning within a year, the centre will not be invoiced again provided the learner is still aiming to complete the original learning aim (qualification or combination of units) that they are registered against

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Validations and recognitions

As the professional body for people who work in housing, CIH is asked to validate or approve university courses which lead to chartered status (CIHCM). We work with organisations to validate and support programmes which positively contribute to the mission and values of the institute. Any application must demonstrate the benefit to staff undertaking a programme and its contribution to the wider housing profession. We currently have 23 centres in the UK and 19 international centres (mainly in Hong Kong and China).

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Important documents
Hear about our promise to you as an awarding organisation and the CIH UK specification for Chartered Membership.
End-point assessment
CIH has been approved as an end-point assessment organisation for all three levels of the new housing and property management apprenticeships.
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If you have any queries about CIH qualifications or becoming an accredited centre, please call us on 02476 851 700. If you're a learner or approved centre, you have the right to complain if you are dissatisfied with any element of our service.