Dates and time

8 December 2020 and 15 December 2020, 10.00am - 13.00pm

The biggest challenge we have in housing today is supply and demand. With current levels of homelessness, this is one possible solution to the task ahead. It is all about innovation and creating solutions to build homes fit for the future.


This two-part course introduces modern methods of construction (MMC) to those of you interested in building construction and the maintenance of homes.

We will examine different types of homes covering past, present and future. This will set the context for understanding MMC encompassing both the construction and repairs aspects of homes people live in. The aim is to provide you with an introduction, overview, and basic understanding of MMC.

What will I learn?

In the first session, we will explore the way different methods and materials are used in the construction of homes, setting the foundation for our second session.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the four principle stages of house construction
  • Build knowledge of materials and methods of construction of three types of foundations used in both traditional and MMC
  • Gain an understanding of wall construction over the eras and the emergence of prefabricated housing technologies
  • Explore types of roof construction and issues with flat roofs.

In the second session, we will explore various aspects of MMC and implications for repairs and maintenance.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the origins, evolution and jargon used in various features of MMC
  • Understand proportions and the differences in structural and cladding systems
  • Explore explored volumetric, pods, panelised and other systems used in MMC
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of MMC compared to traditional forms of construction.
Who should attend?

Anyone who is new to the housing sector or has an interest in buildings and the construction of homes. For those who work in housing this is an update or refresher to their knowledge of buildings and MMC. This includes:

  • Property, voids, contract, performance, housing officers
  • Estates and neighbourhood staff
  • Contractor/DLO employees
  • Maintenance and technical officers
  • Property inspectors
  • Home visitors and tenant liaison officers
  • Customer-facing and call centre teams and their team leaders.
Benefits of attending

Here at CIH, we want to provide everyone involved in housing with the skills and knowledge needed to cope in the current pandemic.

Our online training has been developed by expert professionals on key topics that we know you need to be able to adapt to the changing environment.

Your trainer

Nitin Parmer has over 30 years’ experience in the housing sector, working at various levels. He has worked with CIH for over 20 years covering a range of diverse subjects from customer service, housing law to developing policies and procedures. As a freelance training consultant, he has more recently run a range of building construction and maintenance courses. This has helped many housing professionals gain City and Guilds and ABBE (Awarding Body for the Building Environment) qualifications.

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