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11 July 2022


Microsoft Teams


10:00 - 12:00

Interactive, educational and empowering masterclass

This masterclass is created and designed for housing professionals across the UK who work with people who hoard.

It's thought that around one or two people in every 100 experience hoarding. These individuals struggle to discard their possessions, often leading to anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, and even personal health and safety problems.

Choice and Control in Hoarding Disorder is designed to be an educational, interactive and empowering masterclass that helps build your understanding of risk, legislation and positive engagement. You'll explore practical examples from Megan Karnes, Hoarding UK and housing providers across the UK on how they have supported their residents.

Why attend?

  • Improve your understanding of hoarding disorder via introductions to psychological, practical, and legal information through discussion, video and activities
  • Learn more about standardising risk/risk assessments and referral processes
  • Discover support models throughout the hoarding relationship
  • Explore motivational interviewing at different stages of this process
  • Understand support models which have been shown to improve outcomes.
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Hoarding training
You may also be interested in trauma-informed approaches to hoarding disorder that uses evidence-based training to consider new methods to support a recovery path from hoarding in a compassionate and trauma-informed way.
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