Accommodation at the event

You can view a wide range of hotels for the night of the event. The Hilton is currently sold out for 10 May.

Delegate safety

We want everyone at our events to be safe and feel safe. We're shortly planning to return to live events with Housing Brighton in May 2022. If the situation with COVID-19 worsens or the guidelines change, we'll move these onto our virtual platform. Feel free to talk to us before/during our events about how we're making the environment safe, productive and an enjoyable experience.

COVID-19 safety measures
  • You'll need to take a lateral flow or PCR test within two days of attending the event and for the result to be negative.
  • We'll track and trace at the event, so please have the app ready at registration.
  • Complimentary masks to all attendees and encourage you to wear them
  • We'll provide hand sanitiser throughout the event.
  • To avoid queues, we're staggering registration and lunchtimes. Exhibitors will come first thing to allow more space for delegate registration.
  • We will keep a keen eye on how busy things are getting and manage the queue to have a socially distanced experience when you enter the event.
  • Bring a jumper; we're going to ventilate the venue with lots of fresh air. So come to the event with an extra layer or two so that you're warm.
  • You'll be able to choose how you want to interact. We'll have different coloured lanyards.
Colour-coded wristbands
  1. Red – please keep your distance
  2. Yellow – happy to talk
  3. Green – happy with handshakes

If you feel uncomfortable, please speak to a member of our event stewards' team at any time. Our events stewards will be on hand to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to all our attendees.

Venue accessibility

The registration area is in the exhibition hall on floor one. This can be accessed via the main staircase in a reception following event signage or taking the lift. If you require access to the lifts please find an accessible route here

If you require assistance or a personal emergency evacuation plan please email the events team or call 024 7685 1722.

Making this event more sustainable

We believe we have a responsibly to be more sustainable across our organisation and this means making positive changes to the way we run our events. This event will be delivered to the highest quality whilst we also ensure they reduce our environmental impact.

Here is a summary of some of the steps we are taking to do this:

  • All lanyards and badges we provide to attendees will be sustainable
  • Reducing our event printing – we have already started this by no longer printing our event guides. We’re making sure all necessary information is available digitally on our new website
  • Where printing is necessary, sustainable and recyclable materials will be used as much as possible
  • Catering will be responsibly sourced and in recyclable packaging
  • Water coolers will be provided so delegates can refill their own reusable bottles
  • Ensuring our suppliers are using recyclable materials where possible
  • All CIH staff will aim to minimise carbon footprint for each journey, and we will encourage our delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to do the same.
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