Introduction and Welcome / Ministerial address


Matt Dicks

Matthew Dicks


National director, Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru

Matt has been national director for Wales at Chartered Institute of Housing since 2017 . He took up the role armed with a breadth of knowledge of the Welsh policy landscape following 17 years working as a senior communicator at the heart of Welsh civic and political life. He joined the National Assembly for Wales (now Welsh parliament) as its Head of News, where he transformed the Welsh Parliament’s media operation into the modern multi-platform, multi-media operation that you see today. He is also chair of the organisation’s Audit & Risk Committee and a member of its Governance Committee. He also chairs its private lettings agency arm Living Quarters Wales.

Dan Thomas


Regional specification manager - Wales & Borders, Aico

Dan has been with Aico for over 18 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection, Standards and Regulation

The impact of COVID-19 on the economy has been instant in some sectors and over the past year, has changed how businesses and wider society operates. In this session, hear expert insight on the prospects for the economy across the UK, as we reflect on how the legacy from the crisis could impact on people’s lives and the ways in which organisations can attempt to offset those worst affected.

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Hear from our speakers with a wide range of expertise, reflecting on how grasping the digital opportunities could improve how organisations work, how communities remain connected and engaged, and how services improve.


Karen Cherret slides  Omar Idris slides

As the sector grapples with the challenge of accelerating the delivery of social and affordable housing, hear from key Welsh Government, housing association and local authority voices as they put across the challenges and opportunities to realising a shared housing vision for Wales.


Mark Wade slides Craig Sparrow slides

Get a fresh perspective on how housing management is changing to meet the contemporary needs of communities and what the future for housing management could hold.

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Explore how the pandemic has shaped engagement with the private rented sector, and the specific challenges local authorities have faced in supporting standards in private renting.

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Hear insight on how tenant engagement is changing and how organisations can use tenant expertise to inform change and ongoing learning.


Get the latest detail on the new regulatory framework for housing associations and engage directly with the regulator about its implementation in practice.

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In times of significant change, how we manage and nurture an organisational culture that underpins feelings of satisfaction among colleagues and high-quality tenant services is vital. Hear reflections on what it takes, why it’s important and tips on how to embed meaningful long-term changes.

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With significant changes to building safety on the horizon, hear from a panel with insights across key roles and get the latest on what the changes could mean in reality.

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In this lunch networking session, you will have the opportunity to chat with representatives from Aico, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Grab your afternoon tea goodies and a cuppa and join us for #afternoonteawithaico

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Afternoon tea with Aico


Dan Thomas


Regional specification manager - Wales & Borders, Aico

Dan has been with Aico for over 18 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection, Standards and Regulation

The value of our professionalism for the communities that we serve has never been more valued or more important than now. So how do we, as housing professionals and organisations, enhance and demonstrate our professionalism every day? How can we learn from others about how to make the case for housing experts?


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Discover more about South Yorkshire Housing Association’s journey to consider their environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of homes.

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Involved in one of the largest retrofit schemes of this kind, hear about how Pobl are rising to the challenge of improving the quality of existing homes. 

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Explore how we can build sustainable local economies with Preston Council Leader, Cllr Matthew Brown, who will tell us about the Preston Model - an economic strategy at the city and county level that presents a comprehensive, interlinked approach to community wealth building.


Hannah will talk about her experience of homelessness, what she learnt from this, and her passion for driving positive change.


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