What are virtual events?

Our virtual events strive to celebrate the success of housing professionals’ sector wide, bringing you new ideas and best practice from selected partner organisations. They are free to attend for members and are delivered online on our virtual platform, designed to offer you the best learning and networking experience in the comfort of your own home, enabling housing professionals to overcome challenges in the current climate and look to the future.

Benefits of attending the virtual event
Get all the content

Never miss a thing, you will be sent slides and recordings of all sessions after the event, just in case you miss anything.

Network like never before

The event layout allows you to virtually sit with other delegates, interacting in real time, providing a real human connection.

On arrival at the virtual event, you’ll enter the networking lounge, a virtual space with a main stage and tables of six delegates. Select a table. Here you’ll all start your journey; getting to know each other, starting to share ideas and knowledge.

Each table uses video, audio and chat to allow you to interact naturally in real time. You can move around the tables to make new contacts or reconnect with fellow housing professionals and share ideas, all the while getting the full benefit of the presentations from the main stage.

An engaging experience

Our virtual events use a range of interactive tools such as; 'raise your hand’ feature, whiteboards, live chat and the opportunity to ask questions and share your own thoughts as if you were in the auditorium, to make it the most engaging experience possible.

You can also have discussion-led groups via table video chats and write down your collective ideas with the “whiteboard” feature.

Plan ahead and test your technology
Devices to use

Preferred device to use is a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile phones and tablets are also supported. We recommend booking a test session with our events team if you are using a device other than a laptop or desktop computer.

Browser and operating system

You will need to use Google Chrome or Firefox for PCs that use Windows. Google Chrome or Safari for Mac

Only Windows 10 is supported on the virtual event platform. If you have an older operating system, please get in touch and we can run a test with you.

Check your systems compatability

Check your system's compatibility with the virtual event platform here, as well as your microphone and camera settings before attending.

What to avoid

Try to avoid an organisation's portal where possible (e.g. Citrix, Cisco)

Don't use a VPN if you can avoid it. Please refer to this article specifically about 'using VPNs to access Remo'

Please contact us for a test run if you are unsure.

Try out our test event

Pop on to our test event so you can see what to expect. If this is your first time using the virtual event platform, you will need to set up an account. On the day please use the same email address and password to access the event.

Virtual events
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