22 Mar 2024

CIH Cymru congratulate Julie James on her reappointment as cabinet secretary

CIH Cymru welcomes Julie James on her reappointment as the role of cabinet secretary with responsibility for housing. We look forward to continuing our positive collaborative relationship, working towards our shared ambition of providing a sustainable, safe, and affordable home for everyone in Wales.  

We look forward to working with the cabinet secretary to deliver on the First Minister's commitment to create an affordable homes task force. 

Matt Dicks, national director of CIH Cymru commented on the appointment of Julie James as Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Housing:

“Reversing the structural and systemic housing crisis that we currently face is not a short-term project. If we are to secure a safe, affordable and sustainable home for everyone in Wales, both now and for future generations, we have to ensure that the foundations are are put in place now, which is why continuity is so important. So, it is reassuring to see Julie James reappointed into the housing role because we know we have a Minister who is passionate and committed to that long-terms shared ambition of providing a home for all and understands both the levers that we need in place, and the barriers that we face as a sector, in terms meeting that our shared ambition.

"Furthermore, bringing housing, planning and local government together in one ministerial portfolio also provides reassurance that the main components of meeting the challenges we face are now under the purview of one strategic department.

"I would like to extend our congratulations to Julie James on her appointment. We look forward to continuing our positive and collaborative relationship with the Cabinet Secretary. And we look forward to hearing her current thoughts and plans when she joins CIH members at TAI 2024 next month.”