24 May 2021

CIH Northern Ireland to survey membership on Housing Supply Strategy development

The Department for Communities is currently in the process of developing the next Housing Supply Strategy for Northern Ireland. CIH Northern Ireland welcome the department’s commitment to co-design which will ensure that the experience and expertise of stakeholders is considered at all stages in the development of this process and is ultimately reflected in the final strategy.

Now that the first stage of this process, in the form of a ‘call for evidence,’ is currently underway, in order to maximise the co-design process, we are encouraging all members, from front line housing officers to sector leaders, to complete the survey below.

The valued input of housing professionals in creating Northern Ireland’s next Housing Supply Strategy is crucial to its overall success; not only in tackling the chronic issue of under-supply, but also ensuring that we are building sustainable communities through the provision of the right homes in the right places.

Justin Cartwright  |  CIH Northern Ireland director

CIH Northern Ireland is supportive of the department’s proposed vision for the Housing Supply Strategy which is as follows: Every household has access to a good quality, affordable and sustainable home that is appropriate for its needs.

To ensure this vision is achieved and co-design remains central in this process, we are seeking the views of our members to help us guarantee that our evidence submission is both robust and wide-ranging in order to ensure the forthcoming Housing Supply Strategy can reach its proposed objectives:

  • Increase housing supply and affordable options across all tenures to meet current and future demand. Reduce housing stress and homelessness and improve housing solutions for the most vulnerable.
  • Improve housing quality.
  • Ensure the provision of housing options that contribute to the building and maintaining of thriving, inclusive communities and places.
  • Support the transition to carbon neutrality by reducing whole-life carbon emissions from both new homes and existing homes.

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