23 Mar 2022

CIH responds to Chancellor's Spring Statement

Today, 23 March 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his spring statement in the House of Commons.  Only five months since the Autumn 2021 budget, the economic backdrop has altered with a severe cost of living crisis hitting the UK, only to be worsened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In response to the statement, CIH head of policy and external affairs, Rachael Williamson said:

“We are disappointed that measures announced today will not come close to bridging the gap between what the lowest income households have and what they need. The increase to the Household Support Fund, whilst welcome, is not a solution to support low income families in the face of a cost of living crisis which sees the cost of essentials rising at the highest rate in a generation. It is a sticking plaster of discretionary payments which local authorities must administer. A benefits uprating to match the cost of inflation would have done much more to support the most hard pressed households in our society and ensure people have enough to live on and keep their homes. As it stands people are facing a real terms cut whilst costs are spiralling.

"We welcome the zero per cent VAT on energy-saving materials for the next five years, which CIH has called for.  However, we need a concerted investment programme from Government to reduce energy costs and raise energy efficiency in fuel poor homes – without this we won’t progress at the speed we need to act.”

We will be considering the announcements in greater detail over the next few days as we prepare a member briefing. To view the submission we made to HM Treasury ahead of the Chancellor's Spring Statement, please click here.