28 Feb 2024

CIH Scotland reacts to housing cuts in the Scottish Budget

Yesterday the Scottish Parliament voted on draft budget proposals, approving the budget and a £196 million cut in funding for affordable, social housing.

Callum Chomczuk, national director of CIH Scotland, commented on the Scottish Budget

“The decision to stick with a £196 million cut to the affordable housing supply budget is devastating for the almost 10,000 children in temporary accommodation; the 30,000 households assessed as homeless and everyone else in Scotland who needs a safe affordable home.

“Restoring the budget could have built around 2,000 social homes, which would have supported those in the greatest need. Instead, we will see our housing emergency exacerbated and extended.

“To deliver on the promise of the government vision for the housing sector we need to see an action plan and funding to match our shared ambitions. Today’s decision by Parliament will make it harder tackle homelessness, cut poverty, reduce carbon emissions, and address our housing need.”

Further information on implications of the budget, and what it means for housing, can be found in the member briefing we prepared on the draft budget.