25 May 2021

Today marks the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd

On the first anniversary of the death of George Floyd, the Chartered Institute of Housing has issued the following statement:

Chartered Institute of Housing

Today marks the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, an event that shocked the world and inspired a global movement to challenge and end the oppression experienced every day by too many people from black and minority ethnic communities. Closer to home, it has rightly prompted the housing sector, and CIH as its professional body, to consider the part that we all play, individually and collectively, in creating and reinforcing racism but also in tackling it. This includes critically considering the way people access homes, the way those homes are managed and looked after and also ensuring a representative workforce at all levels. Treating people fairly and equally, valuing their diversity and making sure they’re included in our communities is a fundamental part of being a housing professional. This is reflected in CIH’s code of ethics and conduct and in the work we are doing to create and embed the professional standards for everyone working in housing. We will continue to make sure that it central to everything we do. There is absolutely no room for complacency. It is vital that we see and own the potential for direct and indirect racism to exist in everything we do as a sector. But, more than that, we must step up and take action to tackle and end racial oppression in all its forms for good.