14 Oct 2021

Leadership at all levels vital throughout and beyond COVID-19

The first CIH Cymru Virtual Leadership Summit sets out the nature of the challenges facing the housing profession across Wales and reflecting on the need to press forward with delivering on the new Welsh Government’s 20,000 low-carbon social housing target whilst decarbonising existing homes and taking forward at a pace the implementation of the new building safety regime.

The Summit considers the role of leadership in all its forms, with expert speakers providing perspectives on how decision-making under pressure, developing and empowering staff and driving forward meaningful progress on equality and diversity need to be critical components going forward.

Reflecting on the impact of the pandemic and the sector’s response, the Summit also considers the role of collaborative working in delivering new homes and the broader socio-economic challenges that could lie ahead.

But the Summit also poses the question about whether the investment can, or will, match government ambition, both in terms of ending rough sleeping and making our homes, both new and existing, greener and more sustainable.

Matt Dicks  |  national director, CIH Cymru

I have continued to be heartened by the work of housing professionals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With the overnight changes to how services are delivered and the working environment’s of entire organisations, leadership in all its forms has played a critical role in maintaining and enhancing the support provided to tenants and communities. I’m delighted that today, we’re able to gather professionals together to take stock, recognise this progress and further equip ourselves for the challenges to come. Our professional standards framework, developed in collaboration with the sector provides an ongoing basis for individuals, teams and organisations to assess their work against characteristics and behaviours we believe reflect the profession. I look forward to seeing the impact this could have on maintaining the momentum in supporting and developing further leadership qualities and capabilities in the workforce. But strong and collaborative leadership alone is not the answer to the significant challenges we face – at CIH Cymru we want to see Welsh Government set out clearly a long-term funding agreement with the sector so that leaders at all levels have the funding certainty upon which to base their important work.