28 Jan 2021

Lords decide against amendment to Domestic Abuse Bill and benefit cap

Earlier this year, the Chartered Institute of Housing published proposals aimed at avoiding a potentially disastrous spike in evictions once the current protections end. Working with barrister Liz Davies, we developed a detailed set of proposals to avoid a crisis that could leave thousands homeless and cost landlords and local authorities millions.

Among these proposals was a suggested amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill to give all domestic abuse survivors the opportunity to make individual claims for universal credit and given a one year grace period from the benefit cap. This would allow domestic abuse survivors to better escape their perpetrator safely with the correct financial aid.

Unfortunately, after a debate in yesterday’s House of Lords, brought to the committee by Baroness Lister of Burtersett, Home Office ministers were unwilling to accept the amendment and it was withdrawn.

You can view the full debate and mentions of the Chartered Institute of Housing on the Parliament website, between Hansard cols 1681 and 1705.

Sam Lister and barrister Liz Davies have also set out further details in a blog - We must do more to protect domestic abuse survivors.