How do we influence?

At present, we have a huge crisis in many of our housing markets, but we want a housing system that works for everyone.

This means influencing government policy, making sure that our ideas for change are heard and taken up.

To do this, we:

  • Publish research and briefings on important housing issues, including the annual statistical publication UK Housing Review
  • Work closely with senior policy makers in all parts of the UK to shape the housing agenda
  • Strive to improve the media’s coverage of housing issues and inform the public
  • Draw on the expertise and opinions of our members to shape our views, arguments and priorities.

Rethinking social housing

In England, our landmark report set out our vision for the future of social housing

Tyfu Tai Cymru

In Wales, our five-year project aims to provide evidence and analysis to inform better policy

Rethinking social housing Northern Ireland

Our latest report considers the role and purpose of social housing in today’s Northern Ireland

Member opinion panel

If you are a CIH member, sign up to join our opinion panel to take part in regular, short surveys to inform our work

Our priorities

Housing policy is not the same throughout the UK, as governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can make their own policy decisions independently from Westminster.

Our specific priorities are slightly different depending on where you are, but we strive to ensure that these three things happen:

  1. The right homes are built in the right places and people can afford them
  2. People on lower incomes can get and maintain a decent home
  3. Everyone has access to a decent safe place to call home and renters receive a fair good-quality service from their landlord.

Our work covers a wide range of housing issues including:

  • Increasing the number of new homes that are built, for example by looking at how new homes are funded
  • Ensuring that homes are built to high standards, for example by setting minimum standards for things like size, energy efficiency and adaptability
  • Increasing the supply of affordable housing specifically and looking at how rents are set, to ensure they remain affordable
  • Making the case for a welfare system that enables everyone to afford a suitable home
  • Looking at who gets access to social housing and considering how this should be prioritised
  • Working to address the causes of homelessness and to improve the support that is available to those experiencing homelessness
  • Ensuring that all our homes are safe and that appropriate improvements are made to building safety regulations
  • Promoting better joint working between the social housing sector and our partners working in the NHS and in social care.

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Useful links

Housing rights
Do you need to know about migrants’ rights to housing and benefits? Our Housing Rights website gives recent arrivals and housing advisers up-to-date information about people's rights when looking for a home, based on their immigration status.
The UK Housing Review
Do you need to check the latest analysis and data about housing in your region or across the UK? Our UK Housing Review is published annually and there is an update each Autumn. Visit the UK Housing Review website to download data and analytical chapters of the Review.

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