Do you need accurate information on the housing and benefits entitlements of migrants, refugees and other new arrivals to the UK, including European nationals?

What is Housing Rights?

CIH works with BMENational and our sponsors Metropolitan Thames Valley, Innisfree and Tamil Housing Association to provide up-to-date and detailed guidance on the legal entitlements of all categories of migrants.

Our specialist website covers those who apply as homeless; want accommodation through the waiting list or letting scheme; are in the private rented sector; or are homeless or destitute.

It gives full details on housing benefit, universal credit and council tax rebates. There are separate sections for England and Wales and for Scotland.

The guidance covers the different entitlements for different kinds of immigration status, including:

  • People from all parts of Europe and elsewhere
  • People who are employed, self-employed or workseeking
  • Family members, divorced or separated spouses, children, students and special cases such as people suffering domestic abuse
  • Refugees and their family members who have entered the UK through different schemes
  • Migrants who have become destitute or who need social care
  • Irish nationals and returning British nationals.

The site is split into two sections: one for new arrivals themselves, and a section with more detailed guidance for practitioners and those giving advice.

  • General explanations for new arrivals of how British housing systems work and the differences between local authorities and housing associations.
  • Detailed guidance for practitioners on the law and government guidance on homelessness, lettings and housing benefit and the eligibility of different types of migrant.
  • Guidance on acceptable ways for new arrivals to demonstrate their immigration status.
  • Advice on avoiding discrimination against new arrivals.