Tyfu Tai Cymru (TTC) is a five-year housing policy project which aims to provide insightful analysis and fill evidence gaps to support policy progression.

Funded by the Oak Foundation, the project is managed by the Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru and covers three main strands:

  • Building the right homes to meet demand
  • Making sure housing is always a priority for local government
  • Demonstrating housing’s role in keeping people well and healthy.

Tyfu Tai Cymru events

We have been traveling all over Wales to engage directly with housing professionals to help shape the response to some of today’s most pressing challenges. Read more about the insights gathered through these events in our Housing Voices reports. 



Hospital discharge
With the COVID-19 pandemic having a profound impact on the NHS we undertook new research in partnership with CARP Collaborations and Gana Consulting, to highlight the role good quality housing advice can play in helping people leave hospital safely and remain well at home.
In collaboration with social housing providers across North Wales, we undertook a comprehensive analysis (including a survey of 300+ tenants) to find out about the barriers that exist to help people move home and what could make a difference - with an emphasis on helping people living in homes that are too large, or overcrowded housing.
Joining the dots 2
Our second survey of local government housing professionals revealed the pressure many people feel in their roles where the challenge of delivering more social and affordable homes is combined with competing priorities. Respondents had a clear desire to be ambitious but workload, funding, and capacity act as barriers.