What is the purpose of CIH professional standards?

In order to be the change we want to see, it’s vital that we have a common purpose which celebrates our collective identity as a housing profession: an understanding of what’s important, what we stand for and what we’re trying to achieve.

By applying recognised and valued characteristics and standards in your daily roles, the whole profession gains a higher degree of trust and credibility. With this at the forefront, CIH professional standards have been designed and developed to: 

  • Reflect the attitudes and behaviours that our residents and customers expect and deserve 
  • Focus on behaviours and characteristics that define us a profession  
  • Be tailored and relevant specifically for people who work in housing across all tenures 
  • Apply to everyone across the profession – whatever your role, position or specialism   
  • Reflect the breadth and diversity of the people who work in the housing sector  
  • Focus on outcomes rather than activities  
  • Be simple but clear – avoiding jargon and speaking to your everyday experiences 
  • Be relevant for the environment we live and work in now and in the future  
  • Be adaptable to enable them to evolve and reflect a fast-changing sector 
  • Inspire people to join and celebrate the value of our profession  
  • Be adaptable to work alongside existing organisational competencies and values 
  • Complement our existing qualifications, training and apprenticeship offer 
  • Reflect the direction of travel and clear expectations in the Social Housing White Paper.  
Use standards tool
We've created a professional standards tool where you can view all seven standards, their characteristics and find out how to put them into practice.
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Abri case study
Why and how we are using the CIH professional standards at Abri. Find out how Abri applied the standards and how it benefitted their staff and organisation.
Complete the self-assessment template to help you identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be excellent in your job and even to achieve career goals.

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