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21 Dec 2020

What you need to know about Welsh Government's draft budget 2021-22

Get all the analysis on Welsh Government's draft budget in one place along with details on the specific announcements that impact housing professionals and services in Wales.

Free 18 Dec 2020

Tackling fuel poverty in Wales 2020-2035

CIH Cymru responds to the Welsh Government consultation on the long-term plan to tackle fuel poverty.

Free 17 Dec 2020

Housing Futures Cymru manifesto

See what Housing Futures Cymru, a group of new/young housing professionals think the next Welsh Government needs to do in addressing the housing crisis.

NEW Free 17 Dec 2020

Maniffesto Dyfodol Tai Cymru

Gweler beth mae Dyfodol Tai Cymru, grŵp of weithwyr tai proffesiynol newydd/ifainc yn credu dylai llywodraeth nesa yng Nghymru gwneud wrth geisio datrys yr argyfwng tai.

Free 16 Dec 2020

CIH response to MHCLG consultation on raising accessibility standards in new homes

Response to the MHCLG consultation outlining CIH's support for raising standards of accessibility in new homes and the preferred methods for enforcing standards.

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Free 14 Dec 2020

Improving housing outcomes for women and children experiencing domestic abuse

This report from the Scottish Government working group makes recommendations for improvements in the social housing sector.

Free 11 Dec 2020

COVID-19 and provision of night shelters

CIH's latest COVID-19 factsheet looks at the issues of managing night shelters during COVID-19.

Free 10 Dec 2020

Back the bill signatories

See the full list of signatories who are 'backing the bill' a joint campaign by CIH Cymru, Shelter Cymru and Tai Pawb to make housing a right in Wales.

Free 10 Dec 2020

Homelessness data review 2020

CIH Scotland's response to the Scottish Government consultation on homelessness data and publications.

08 Dec 2020

What you need to know: the comprehensive spending review and national infrastructure strategy

A summary for members on the key points in the comprehensive spending review and national infrastructure strategy, published 25 November 2020.

Free 07 Dec 2020

Welfare benefits and Coronavirus December 2020

An updated version of our factsheet outlining recent changes to benefit rules.

An overview of recent changes to benefit rules, including some which will come into force in April 2021.

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Free 04 Dec 2020

Domestic Abuse Protection Bill response

CIH Scotland responds to the call for evidence on a new Bill that aims to make it easier for social landlords to end a joint tenancy for perpatrators of domestic abuse.

Free 04 Dec 2020

Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill response

CIH Scotland response to proposals which would introduce a cap on rent increases in the private rented sector of CPI plus 1 percent each year.

Free 02 Dec 2020

Public attitudes to social housing in Wales

Just over three quarters of the Welsh public agree that a right to housing should be a law in Wales - in this snapshot of public opinion, find out what other views on housing the public hold.

NEW Free 02 Dec 2020

Agweddau'r cyhoedd at gartrefi cymdeithasol yng Nghymru

Mae mwy na thri chwarter o bobl yng Nghymru'n cefnogi hawl gyfreithiol i gartref, yn ôl arolwg newydd gan CIH Cymru. Darllenwch ragor am safbwyntiau'r cyhoedd ynglŷn â thai.

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