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Member Only 14 Jan 2021 | Knowledge

What does the charter for social housing residents say about complaints?

This was the first of a seven part webinar series which drilled into more of the detail for each of the chapters in the recently published charter for social housing residents – the social housing white paper.

The key themes covered were:

  • How residents can access a swift and effective resolution without facing unnecessary barriers
  • The changes being introduced and what this will mean in practice
  • Opportunities to shape key areas and what you should be doing now to prepare
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Member Only 15 Dec 2020 | Careers

Leadership forum

This virtual event was delivered partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management. We heard from inspiring speakers from inside and outside of the housing sector, giving top tips and commentary with the aim of sharing good practice, enabling action.

Member Only 09 Dec 2020 | Knowledge

Building better boards: Putting tenants at the heart of good governance

This virtual event shined a spotlight on the value that tenants can bring to boards. We heard from Jenny Osbourne from TPAS who delivered a presentation on 'How do we put tenants at the heart of good governance?' Richard Blakeway from the Housing Ombudsman Service delivered a presentation on 'Consumer standards and complaint handling – what do you need to know now?'

Jim Ripley, CEO at Phoenix Community Housing and tenant board members Carmen Simpson and Anne McGurk showcased the value and importance of tenant board members at Phoenix.

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Member Only 07 Dec 2020 | Knowledge

Handle with care

Taking care of our mental health is so important in these changing times. We looked at the difficulties facing housing professionals working through Covid-19 and how working life looks very different to what it did nine months ago. We were delighted to be joined by our president Aileen Evans, who last February launched the #ShineALight campaign, a new guide developed to help housing organisations raise their game on mental health. Aileen shared this guide with us, as well as sharing her own personal journey around mental health.

Aware Northern Ireland, the depression charity, and the only charity working exclusively for people with depression and bipolar disorder also provided advice on looking after your mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19.

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Member Only 03 Dec 2020 | Careers

The big conversation 2020

Young and upcoming housing professionals from across the sector joined us at this virtual event to discuss the housing questions that are most important to them.

Presentations were heard and discussion took place on the following:

  • Career development, aspirations, and ambitions
  • Young housing professionals on the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome these
  • New approaches to engaging with our tenants
  • How our conscious and unconscious perceptions influence the way we view and act upon events and how to expand our mindset.
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Member Only 02 Dec 2020 | Knowledge

The charter for social housing residents

Melanie Rees, head of policy and external affairs and Debbie Larner, head of knowledge and products at CIH provided an update on what we need to know about the charter for social housing residents. The publication of the social housing white paper is a major event for the sector. We reflected on the opportunities and the challenges it brings.

The white paper’s key proposals were explained along with what the sector needs to prepare for and the areas on which we need to influence with the overall aim of delivering better outcomes for tenants and residents.

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Member Only 01 Dec 2020 | Knowledge

Older people's housing conference

Part one of a five part virtual conference was delivered in partnership with Erosh and sponsored by Alertacall. We listened to presentations looking at how the Covid-19 pandemic has posed huge challenges to professionals working to provide housing and support to older people and explored the future of sheltered housing and the increasing need for flexible housing and care options for older people.

We were also privileged to hear from Erosh patron Dame Esther Rantzen DBE as she outlined the vital importance of sustaining and growing high quality housing, care and support for older people.

Dame Esther Rantzen presentation

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Member Only 26 Nov 2020 | Knowledge

Challenging Your Group Structure

We heard insights on key legal, tax and strategic issues to consider when reviewing your group structure against future objectives, exploring effective development structuring, good governance expectations, and the understanding of models in the sector and their drivers. Our expert panel of speakers also explored the Regulator’s expectations, particularly in light of the implications of the pandemic on the sector and provided an overview of the common hurdles and obstacles and how to prepare for these.

26 Nov 2020 | Knowledge

Community solutions to empty homes

There are over 25,000 long-term empty properties in Wales and despite a wide variety of good practice, the tools currently at the disposal of local authorities and partners have had limited success in reducing the overall amount of empty homes. Tyfu Tai Cymru partnered with the Housing Studies course at Cardiff Metropolitan to deliver this fresh look at how community solutions can find innovative answers to longstanding questions.

Member Only 05 Nov 2020 | People

In Conversation with Nick Atkin

CIH Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Board member, Clive Greenwood was In Conversation with Nick Atkin, CEO of Yorkshire Housing to discuss how Yorkshire Housing are fully embracing being agile and what technology is being used to do this. Nick shared his thoughts and observations on how this benefits the organisation, staff and customers, how they have all been engaged in this movement and the how Yorkshire Housing is overcoming the challenges in moving to this way of working. This interiew is a great opportunity to hear from one of the leading organisations in this area.

Member Only 03 Nov 2020 | Knowledge

PoP! Understanding the Psychology of Poverty

Hannah Absalom shared aspects of her research and invited delegates to feedback opinions and experiences looking at the role of housing and it's social purpose.

Areas covered were:

  • A very brief outline of Behavioural Economics and how it resulted in two strands, traditional behavioural insights
    and the Psychology of Poverty (PoP).
  • Why it’s relevant to social housing, especially now
  • PoP’s insights into the individual living in poverty
  • PoP’s insights into the environment of poverty
  • PoP’s insights into the perceptions of poverty
  • Consideration of ethics and risks.
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Member Only 30 Oct 2020 | Careers

Owning your future: Making difficult decisions

Owning Your Future 2020’ is a new series of informal ‘how to’ style sessions designed to provide you with a range of professional development skills, tools, knowledge and advice to turn your career aspirations into reality and set you on the right path to success. The fourth session in this series we looked at making difficult decisions and heard from our speakers on their own personal journeys, lessons that they have learnt and tips for ensuring that you are prepared for whatever lies ahead in your career journey.

Member Only 29 Oct 2020 | Knowledge

Draft Building Safety Bill? The new regulatory framework. What will this mean in practice?

We looked at the key elements of the Draft Building Safety Bill which is due before the CLG select committee in July. Debbie Larner, head of knowledge and products, presented the key elements of the bill and considered what this will mean in practice for landlords and, importantly, what must be done to prepare for the new regime.

Free 29 Oct 2020 | Knowledge

Homes at the Heart: doing development differently

Supporting the ‘Homes at the Heart’ campaign, experts in the industry discussed the role of social housing today in this webinar. The topics discussed included the role of social housing in the UK’s recovery from COVID-19, the need for innovation in the sector, the use of modern construction methods and how to enable this. Our speakers drew on examples from the City of Bristol.

Member Only 28 Oct 2020 | People

Scotland's Housing Leaders Exchange

New challenges need new solutions, new thinking, new ways of working. As organisations and teams work flat-out to respond to the ever-changing demands of the current pandemic alongside a rapidly changing social and economic environment, an investment into the future of leadership in housing is becoming increasingly important. As your professional body, our role at CIH is to equip you to meet these challenges which is why we were delighted to bring you Scotland’s Housing Leaders Exchange.

Senior leaders presented and discussed:
• How they managed through the initial stages of the crisis - what worked, what didn't and what innovations have they made to change their businesses for the better
• How we build back better and reflect on what different challenges we could be facing
• What needs to change so we can get building homes and providing services
• Housing's role in recovery - what governments need to do to help boost their economies

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