The new normal

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruption to our conferences so we switched to virtual events, giving you a new experience like never before. We're gradually bringing back to in-person events but some are still virtual.

What are virtual events?

Our virtual events take place in real-time, where there are unlimited opportunities to network with fellow professionals and share experiences.

Types of virtual events
Virtual summit

Our virtual summits, held on Remo, are designed to replicate live conference and exhibition aspects. Virtual summits will feature multiple sessions such as keynotes, short lightning talks and panel discussions.

Ideas lab

Ideas labs, held on Remo, are half-day events hosted by a partner organisation that aim to generate ideas that can arise in the panel discussion. You'll get a chance to participate and take back your ideas to your organisation.


Our webinars, held on Microsoft Teams, are designed to be one to two hours long, filled with content and the opportunity for you to get involved in the discussion.

Climate change week 2021 | Rachel Honey-Jones, head of community regeneration, Newydd Housing Association

Excellent round up of all things climate change! Love the Remo platform too!

CIH Housing awards 2021 | John Hannigan. CEO, Circle Voluntary Housing Association

Excellent guests and well hosted. Great to network with colleagues and this is a relaxed way of doing it.

Presidential dinner 2021 | Graeme Maughan, principal consultant, Turner & Townsend

Well organised and structured. You had a good interface for the table networking. It also meets a lot of accessibility requirements - much easier to get to and take part in sessions.

Image of a dinner table
An image of two glasses of wine
Benefits of attending a virtual event
Make it personal to you

Our virtual events are built to be personal to you, some larger events have the opportunity for you to select what sessions work for you, building an entirely personal experience and programme of learning.

No two sessions will be running simultaneously, meaning you can take in every part of the event.

Get all the content

Never miss a thing, you will be sent a recording of all sessions after the event, just in case you miss anything.

Network like never before

The event layout allows you to virtually sit with other delegates, interacting in real time, providing a very real human connection.

On arrival at the event, you’ll enter the networking lounge, a virtual space with a main stage and tables of six delegates. Select a table. Here you’ll all start your journey; getting to know each other, starting to share ideas and knowledge.

Each table uses video, audio and chat to allow you to interact naturally in real time. You can move around the tables to make new contacts or reconnect with fellow housing professional and share ideas, all the while getting the full benefit of the presentations from the main stage.

An engaging experience

Our virtual events use a range of interactive tools such as; The 'raise your hand’ feature, whiteboards, live chat and the opportunity to ask questions and share your own thoughts as if you were in the room to make it the most engaging experience possible.

Have discussion-led groups via table video chats and write down your collective ideas with the whiteboard feature

See it in action

Getting the most out of a virtual event

Join the event with your camera and microphone on and be ready to network with other delegates at your table, or you can move tables to take a look around and event visit the sponsors lounges. If you're look for a particular delegate to talk to, you can search for their name in the chat section and send them a private message.

Be prepared to bring a little extra “can do” attitude to your virtual sessions. Be ready to ask questions, engage with other delegates in the chat, draw your own connections between the content and your own circumstances, and make efforts to “space” some of the learning.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get the same benefits of attending a live face to face event?

Our virtual event platform enables you to communicate via video so that you can network with other delegates. You can go from table to table within the networking lounge and also visit our sponsors lounges too.

In session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation, vote for other delegates questions and also ‘raise your hand’ so that you can ask a speaker a direct question on stage via video.

How long are the sessions in a virtual event?

We offer a variety of sessions at our virtual events to ensure we keep the format as fresh and engaging as possible. This can range from a lightning style pitch - 10 slides, 10 minutes of talking, 10 minutes of Q&A, to panel and keynote sessions lasting up to an hour including Q&A time. All our session formats will feature time for you to ask your questions directly to the speakers and get involved in the discussion

What do I need to be able to use the platform?

Please read our top tips for accessing the virtual event platform below:

  • We strongly advise that you use a laptop or desktop computer to ensure best functionality on the Remo platform. Ipads, tablets and mobile devices may not be supported by Remo. We recommend following the below steps and going into our test event.
  • Open Google Chrome or Firefox for PCs that use Windows or safari for Mac
  • Only Windows 10 is supported
  • Check your system's compatibility with the virtual event platform here, as well as your microphone and camera settings before attending.
  • Try to avoid an organisations portal where possible (e.g. Citrix, Cisco)
  • Don't use a VPN if you can avoid it. Please refer to this article specifically about 'using VPNs to access Remo'
  • Pop on to our test event so you can see what to expect. If this is your first time using Remo, you will need to set up an account. On the day please use the same email address and password to access the event.

Because the event uses real time video chat you may experience some feedback. To avoid this please use headphones.

For more infotmation including technical guides, please visit out 'how to' page.

Do I need a webcam?

We recommend using a device that has a built-in camera or a web cam as this will give you more networking opportunity.

What are the networking opportunities like at a virtual event?

There is time before and after each session for networking and discussion, just like at a live event. There are lots of tables in the networking lounge and you can sit at any table and move around the tables. We recommend you enable your camera and microphone during the networking times so that delegates can see you are on the table and available to talk.

There are also three different chat functions available; general chat messages will be sent to all attendees and be visible to all, table chat will message to the attendees on your table only, you can also search for individual attendees and chat privately. The chat function is text chat only. Or, you can find out where a specific attendee is sitting by hovering over their initial or profile photo.

Can I book onto the virtual event at the last minute?

Yes, we take bookings right up until the start of the event. However, you may not be included on the attendance list if you book your place the within one day of the event.

How can I see who is attending the event?

You can search for individual attendees in the participants list, or, you can hover over attendees initial or profile photos to view their name and join them on their table.

To set up your personal profile, click on your initial at the top left of the event screen and go to ‘my profile’ to edit and upload a phot if you wish.

Will I receive the presentation slides for the sessions?

All recordings and presentatin slides will be sent to all booked attendees following the event to the ameil address you signed up to the event platform with.

Do I have to attend the entire event?

We understand that our customers have other commitments and may not be able to attend the whole event, so our events are designed to be a drop in and drop out style. Attend when you can in the knowledge that you won’t miss out on any content as all recordings and presentation slides will be sent to you after the event.

What happens if I can’t access the event on the day?

Please read your joining instructions before the day of the event to test that you can join in advance. This is important to ensure that on the day you can enter the event without any problems.

If you have any problems entering the event, please call the events team helpline on 024 76 851 722 or email and we will provide assistance.

Clare Budden  |  Chief executive, Clwyd Alyn HA

I experienced the CIH platform for events and conferences at the recent Wales event. I was really impressed with the ability to network and get people engaged. It felt more inclusive and “normal” for attending events. It is the best platform I have seen since March.

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