Important information about the virtual event


We strongly advise that you use a laptop or desktop computer to ensure best functionality on the Remo platform. Ipads, tablets and mobile devices may not be supported by Remo. Book a test run to check full functionality.

Before joining, please ensure that you download Google Chrome or firefox on windows or Safari on Mac as the selected browser to use. The platform is supported by Windows 10 only.

Building your profile

To personalise your profile click the icon on the top right hand corner and this will allow you to add your LinkedIn profile so other delegates can connect with you. Your fellow delegates can book an appointment with you, in order to do this you would need to download Calendly and then link this to your profile.


You will be able to virtually sit with other delegates, interacting in real time, providing a very real human connection. On arrival at the event, you will enter the Networking Lounge, a virtual space with a main stage and tables of six delegates. All you need to do is select a table where you will start your event journey; getting to know each other, starting to share ideas and knowledge.

Each table uses video, audio and chat to allow you to interact naturally, move around the tables to make new contacts, all the while getting the full benefit of the presentation from the main stage. We’ll announce when sessions are about to start so that you can wrap up any conversations you may be having and swap virtual business cards to continue talking later on. There’s also networking opportunities during all sessions with the chat function.

Build real relationships in real-time

Real-time, face-to-face interaction makes virtual networking feel natural and fun. High-quality video and audio help you build real relationships in real-time.

Raise your hand

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved, with our ‘raise your hand’ feature and the opportunity to ask questions in front of the whole audience and share your own thoughts. But equally if you’d rather just listen in, that is ok as well. If you accept the invite from the speaker to go up on ‘stage’ to ask your question, please be aware that you will be part of the recording for that session.

New experiences

Back in the networking lounge following sessions, we’ll be bringing you the opportunity to have discussion-led groups via table video chats, one to one chats or share your thoughts with all delegates in the general chat. There’s even a whiteboard for you to write down your collective ideas.

Plan ahead

Book a test run
Please use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile phones are supported but we recommend booking a test run to check full functionality.
Book a test run
Check your system
Open Google Chrome or Firefox for PCs that use Windows or safari for Mac. Check your system's compatibility with the virtual event platform, as well as your microphone and camera settings before attending.
Check it here
Try it out
In advance of the event, try our test event so you can see what to expect. If this is your first time using Remo, you will need to create an account. On the day please use the same email address and password to access.
Join the test

See it in action

Hints and tips

  • Join the platform at the times specified on the programme, we’ve built time into the programme for you to test your network and technology
  • Make sure you are joining from a network that isn’t through a VPN and are joining with a home internet connection. If you use a VPN connection or are unsure please contact your IT support. Please refer to this article specifically about using VPNs to access Remo.
  • Try to avoid an organisations portal where possible (e.g. Citrix, Cisco) All functions of the platform may not be available, we advise to book a test run with us if you need to use a portal
  • Take a good look around at your surroundings, chat to other delegates, visit the sponsors lounges and make sure your technology is running correctly
  • Once in the platform, scroll to zoom out with your mouse and this will enable you to see the full screen with all sponsors and the stage
  • To get the full networking experience use a computer with a camera and microphone. It's not required but will let you have a better experience
  • We recommend using a headset with microphone as this will enhance the sounds quality
  • To leave the event, simply just close your browser
  • Locate yourself in a quiet place with a non-distracting background
  • The faster your internet the better, unfortunately at this time we can’t control or enhance the speed of your internet, but we recommend being close to your router to minimise buffering
  • There’s networking opportunities in all sessions. We’ve built in networking times before each session starts and you can jump from table to table and talk to other groups of delegates.
  • Whilst CIH and Remo will assist where able, we are unable to help with IT problems that are specific to your device or internet connection

Technical support and help

Check your system's compatibility with the virtual event platform here, as well as your microphone and camera settings before attending.

Browser updates

As the platform uses the latest video technology, make sure your browser and OS is updated to the latest version. Please check that you are using a compatible browser and OS that fulfills the versions listed here.

If you will be using a mobile phone, we recommend booking a test run. Browsers you can use are: Safari (iPhone), Chrome or Firefox (android).

If you can’t get the platform to work then try a different browser, close all tabs and apps – Remo takes a lot of memory, make sure you have the most recent version of the browser, you can check that here.

If you are having any difficulties with using the virtual event platform system please call 0247 685 1722.