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Member Only Member-exclusive 01 Dec 2021 | Careers

The Big Conversation 2021

Rewatch this event for young and upcoming professionals from across the UK, where we discussed some of the most pressing challenges faced by the sector.

This virtual event will provide an opportunity for anyone working in the sector to develop their professional journey, build networks, and establish valuable connections in an interactive virtual space specifically designed to engage young and upcoming professionals.

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NEW 10 Nov 2021 | Knowledge

Shocks in the supply chain: understanding issues in housing supply chains

Learn about new Tyfu Tai Cymru research into supply chain challenges and their impact on the housing sector. With pressures on supply chains impacting a variety of goods and services across the UK.

You'll learn about the extent of the challenges facing supply chains in four key areas:

  • Building new homes
  • Day to day maintenance
  • Retrofitting and asset management
  • Fire safety

Hear the latest insight from the housing sector on challenges within these areas and find out about some of the potential solutions.

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Member Only Virtual event 27 Oct 2021 | Careers

Building Better Boards: Inclusive recruitment and succession planning

Watch this event back to discover practical advice and tips to ensure your board has a good blend of experiences, skills and knowledge, along with a diverse set of views and backgrounds.

The Chartered Institute of Housing is delighted to bring you the next Building Better Boards event focussing on inclusive recruitment and succession planning to ensure boards are fit for the future.

Robust and effective boards are comprised of the right people with the right skills who are driven to support housing organisations in delivering outcomes for the tenants and communities they serve. Are you confident that you are reaching the best people for your business?

The event is relevant for chief executives, chairs, board members, company secretaries and governance leads.

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21 Oct 2021 | Knowledge

UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper launch event

Watch the event about UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper, packed with data about the housing market, social housing, benefits and homelessness.

Topics that were discussed include:

  • Outlook for the homeownership market and first-time buyers after the pandemic
  • Homelessness trends and recent policy development in Scotland
  • Economic prospects
  • The stamp duty holiday and its effects
  • What does levelling-up mean for housing?
  • The continuing controversy over planning reform in England
  • Affordable housing investment across the UK
  • The zero-carbon challenge
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Member Only 19 Oct 2021 | Careers

Introduction to CIH mentoring

In this virtual event, we explored the new CIH mentoring platform and learned more about the benefits of mentoring, roles of mentors and mentees, reverse mentoring, the importance of championing diversity and inclusion, and shared mentoring best practices. We walked through the new mentoring system, functionalities and resources. We also heard from four mentors and mentees who shared their experiences of mentoring.

Member Only Member-exclusive 14 Oct 2021 | Knowledge

Wales Virtual Leadership Summit

As we begin to build our way back from the pandemic, we need leadership at all levels which means the cultural shift that many organisations face will undergo as we move to a more permanent agile working environment. Watch the recording to find out more.

What you'll learn: 

  • Learn how the post-Senedd election policy and fiscal landscape is shaping up and what this will mean for the housing sector
  • Find out how we begin to meet the Welsh Government’s ambitious target of 20,000 social homes by 2026
  • Discuss how we lead and manage cultural change in our organisations as we transform into a more agile workforce
  • Cover the role that housing professionals and organisations can play in the equality and diversity agenda
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Ideas lab 06 Oct 2021 | Knowledge

Social Housing White Paper: Practical approaches to increasing resident safety through two way engagement

Join Alertacall and their expert panel of speakers, as they explore the recent Charter for social housing residents and discover how you can maintain and encourage regular contact with your communities.

The ideas lab looks at best practices adopted by two housing providers to meet the guidance set out in the White Paper. In particular, how to maintain and encourage regular contact with residents and their housing service, improve repairs reporting and the digital services and Internet of things (IoT) devices available to help to further increase safety and security.

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Ideas lab 21 Sep 2021 | Knowledge

Ethical internet of things (IoT) for social housing

Join the panel of speakers to discuss the report, define the key concerns of both landlords and residents and discover that they align closely with global-level work on principles for Artificial Intelligence ethics.

The speakers covered:

  • The report and define the key concerns of both landlords and residents and discover that they align closely with global-level work on principles for Artificial Intelligence ethics
  • How the report contains a series of recommendations to guide action to ensure that IoT is both embraced by residents and delivers maximum efficiencies for landlords
  • How these technologies will vastly enhance the data we have on our social homes to enable us to provide better services at a cheaper cost
  • Assess the key hurdles when it comes to acceptance and adoption of IoT
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Member Only 21 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

ASB spotlight: Tackling challenging neighbour disputes

During the COVID-19 lockdown, most housing organisations have seen an increase in the anti-social behaviour cases they are dealing with; most cases are classified as neighbour disputes that are pretty challenging to deal with and can be open for a long time.

Jim Nixon, the community safety professional and podcast mentor, provided advice and guidance around tackling the more difficult neighbour disputes that can be ongoing for an extended period if they are not handled correctly in the early stages.

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Member Only 14 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

ASB spotlight: effective methods to support hoarding

We heard from hoarding specialist Heather Matuozzo, who on behalf of Birmingham City Council, has been working with people who hoard. Heather shared effective methods to support people who hoard.

Heather explored case studies and provided guidance on how to manage this complex area of housing. To find out more about how to support people who hoard please visit https://www.cloudsend.org.uk/

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Member Only 08 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

Reducing and preventing domestic abuse: housing’s ongoing role

Reported domestic abuse cases increased by 10% during the first lockdown in 2020, with domestic abuse charities reporting a high level of demand for their services. Sector experts explained what organisations can do to prevent and reduce domestic abuse and shared the latest update on policy developments.

For further support please see The Guinness Partnership Domestic abuse booklet.

Download domestic abuse booklet

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08 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

Supporting the PRS through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

This virtual event reflected on the role the private rented sector has played in providing homes for people during the pandemic. We heard about the support that has been made available and what lessons have been learnt.

Member Only 07 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

ASB spotlight: Injunction masterclass

Lindsay Felstead, Partner at Clarke Willmott shared injunctions best practice and explained why injunctions are more important than ever during these unprecedented times and how injunctions are enabling social landlords to tackle ASB.

Member Only 01 Jul 2021 | Knowledge

From hospital to home; planning the discharge journey

Tyfu Tai Cymru launched brand new research looking at the experiences of professionals, patients, carers and people on the frontline of hospital discharges examining how they were able to keep people safe during the COVID-19 and how successful and sustainable outcomes are delivered for those returning home from hospital.

Researchers Greg Thomas and Antony Kendall shared their research findings and recommendations and focussed on what needs to happen to improve patient experience and how housing is part of the solution.

To find out more about the research discussed in this virtual event please use the links below to read the report in English and Welsh.

View in English    View in Welsh

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NEW Virtual event 01 Jul 2021

Championing equality, diversity and inclusion

Rewatch the summit where we give four people from diverse and minority backgrounds a platform to talk about their own journeys.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in helping us build our understanding of diverse and underrepresented communities. Every individual has their own needs, desires and experiences, informed by the culture in which we grew up, our gender, age, religion and sexuality, and how the limitations of our bodies – mental and physical – impact the way we live our lives.  This event is an excellent opportunity to highlight the practical ways diversity makes us a more robust, innovative, and caring sector.

We are calling on the sector to support us by investing through sponsorship and, most importantly, attending on the day to hear these powerful stories.

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