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Free 29 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Launch of the UK Housing Review 2021

The annual UK Housing Review is packed with data and analysis about the housing market, social housing, benefits and homelessness. ICIH and the Review’s main authors explored some of the main headlines and findings from across the year, and took a deep dive into issues such as how we deal with homelessness post-Covid, whether schemes to help first-time buyers are working, and whether the government’s housing investment plans will achieve their targets.

You can purchase copies of the UK Housing Review 2021 from our bookshop.

UK Housing Review 2021

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Free 16 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

CIH membership roadshow

This virtual membership roadshow focussed on the newly introduced CIH professional standards and how it impacts you.

Areas of focus were:

  • the CIH professional standards
  • how the standards will apply to you as a housing professional working in the profession
  • discussions about the standards and how they will apply to all housing professionals.
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Member Only 31 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Amplifying the resident voice. Are you really listening?

Onward Homes and Stockport Homes shared their experience of working alongside residents to shape their services and make improvements to their business by listening to, and acting on resident feedback.

Areas of focus were:

  • benefits of engaging with residents
  • examples of how residents’ feedback can shape services
  • how to encourage other colleagues to work effectively with residents
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Member Only 18 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Scotland’s housing leaders’ network: Housing to 2040

With the Scottish Government set to launch its 20 year strategy for the housing sector we considered the implication of the plan on the profession, landlords and tenants. We heard how the strategy will impact housing professionals and the service provided for tenants and communities.

Speakers from across the sector considered how the plan meets the ambition set out in the vision, and what measures need to be put in place for the strategy to be realised.

Areas of focus were:

  • The implication of the new strategy on the housing sector and profession
  • Where the challenges will be in delivering the strategy

Additional resources - member-only briefing

What you need to know: the final vision for Housing to 2040

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Member Only 17 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Tackling social isolation and loneliness amongst older people

This event was the final part of our 2020/21 Older people's virtual housing conference which was delivered in partnership with Erosh and sponsored by Alertacall.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we live and work and the sector has stepped-up in ways which have made a massive difference to the lives of older people, their families and carers. Whilst the pandemic continues, the issues the sector grappled with previously aren’t on pause.

In this session areas explored were:

  • the role housing providers have to play in combatting loneliness and isolation
  • how technology and digitally enhanced daily contact can work alongside housing teams to help reduce loneliness and isolation
  • potential opportunities to reach out to the wider community

In addition, here is the film that Andrew Burns played as part of his presentation Intergenerational choir.

Unfortunately we can't share the film 'Silver Stories' played by Elisabeth Carney-Haworth, as the music only has permission for live airing. However, if you are a housing provider who would like to know more about how you can get involved with Silver Stories, you can contact them via email or complete the contact form on the Silver Stories website.

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Member Only 11 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Building better boards: the changing world of regulation

Regulation will be changing and it is vital that the sector responds and prepares early for any changes. Our speakers set out the direction of travel for organisations, sharing their experiences plus an update from the Regulator for Social Housing, providing a glimpse into the future and the things that boards need to be preparing for now.

05 Mar 2021 | Careers

National careers week – let’s celebrate careers in housing

We heard from a range of speakers on this full day event dedicated to promoting different aspects of careers in housing.

Topics discussed included:

  • Housing education and courses
  • The different types of organisations within the housing sector
  • Individual case studies highlighting career paths and development opportunities
  • How CIH is supporting members' career development
  • Ways in which we can work with careers professionals to raise awareness of housing as a career choice

Additional resources to support National careers week can be viewed here:

New CIH club in conversation      CIH NCW Sandra Maguire

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Member Only 03 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Older LGBT people – making care fair

This event was Part four of our 2020 virtual conference in partnership with Erosh and sponsored by Alertacall. We heard about the real challenges that remain around accessible and adaptable housing for older LGBT people and what support is out there.

Aspects expored were:

  • the factors influencing the experiences of older LGBT people receiving care
  • some of the key actions needed to ensure that LGBT people have access to and experience high quality care
  • the practical steps housing professionals could take to better understand how services can respond to better meet the needs of LGBT people
  • practical best practice examples
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Member Only 02 Mar 2021 | Careers

Investing in people - Why apprenticeships are good for business

Employability programmes have significantly grown in importance in the UK and there has never been a more important time to provide opportunity for our communities to thrive during these extremely challenging times.

We heard from Homes for Lambeth about their experience and approach, lessons learned and listened to some of the interns and apprentices about why they chose this path and about their introduction to developing a career in housing.

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Member Only 25 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

What does the charter for social housing residents say about home ownership?

This was the final of a seven part webinar series which drilled into more of the detail for each of the chapters in the recently published charter for social housing residents – the social housing white paper. Deji Ishola frm MHCLG and Sarah Davis from CIH provided an update on how government plan to increase the supply of good quality social homes and discused its proposals to support residents into home ownership.

Member Only 18 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

What does the charter for social housing residents say about landlord performance?

This was the sixth of a seven part webinar series which drilled into more of the detail for each of the chapters in the recently published charter for social housing residents – the social housing white paper. Jonathan Cox from HouseMark and Debbie Larner from CIH presented and discussed this chapter of the white paper.

Areas of focus were:

  • What information residents should expect
  • To understand how their landlord is performing, what decisions it is making and who is responsible
  • The new satisfaction measures proposed
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16 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

Building the House of Stonewall

As part of LGBTQ+ history month we heard about the current situation across the sector, showcasing the work of organisations currently working in this space. We also listened to lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people who have been impacted and made homeless as a result of discrimination over the last 50 years.

We heard about the current situation across the sector, showcasing the work of organisations currently working in this space and demonstrating how we as a sector can improve the experiences that LGBTQ+ encounter in the social housing sector.

We were extremely happy to listen to a pre-recorded interview with Luchia Fitzgerald and Angela Cooper, 2 inspirational trailblazing LGBTQ+ women who founded the first Gay Liberation Front group in Manchester in the 1970's.

Listen to Luchia and Angela.

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Member Only 11 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

Professional standards and the social housing white paper

Chaired by Crystal Hicks from CIH north east regional group we heard from Debbie Larner head of knowledge and products at Chartered Institute of Housing and Nicola Hosfield from the social housing division at MHCLG. We found out more about the new professional standards being rolled out in 2021 by CIH, and the link between the social housing white paper and the professional standards.

Areas of focus were:

  • How the professional standards will support career development and how these will be fundamental to the achievement of creating a sector of professionals, as outlined as a requirement in the social housing white paper
  • This event included vital information for organisation leads for professional standards and competency in Housing Associations, Local Authorities, and other providers, as well as individuals looking to quality mark their practice

Please view the CIH Professional standards.

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Member Only 11 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

What does the charter for social housing say about engaging with tenants and residents?

This was the fifth of a seven part webinar series which drilled into more of the detail for each of the chapters in the recently published charter for social housing residents – the social housing white paper. Our CIH policy experts and guest speaker Darren Hartley, Chief executive, TAROE Trust discussed what the proposals will mean in practice.

Areas explored were:

  • the new expectations about how landlords should engage with their residents and ensure that they are actively listenened and responded to
  • what opportunities there are to shape key areas
  • what actions should be taken to prepare now
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Member Only 09 Feb 2021 | Knowledge

Board governance and the role of a board member

We heard from Sharon Thandi and Ellen Damlica from Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP and were provided with an introduction to basic concepts of board governance and the role, duties and responsibilities of being a board member. We received insights into what is involved in being a board member and what it means.

Areas of focus were

  • Basics of governance in a housing association and key concepts;
  • Board members duties and responsibilities;
  • The regulatory implications/expectations of being a board member of a registered provider
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