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Member Only 27 May 2021 | Knowledge

South east power hour: let’s talk shared ownership

During this power hour event we heard from experts in shared ownership and examined how this could look in the future.

Member Only 25 May 2021 | Knowledge

Difficult situations in sheltered housing schemes

CIH Northern Ireland, in partnership with Radius Housing Association launched a report on difficult situations in sheltered housing accommodation in Northern Ireland which has been funded through Supporting People - Provider Investment Funding, after recognising a pattern within their sheltered housing schemes.

This report looked at ‘challenging situations, both in terms of the increasing volume and frequency of these types of incidents occurring, but also noting that the situations themselves were becoming increasingly complex and diverse; this emerging pattern led Radius to consider some fundamental questions about sheltered housing provision.

The research was carried out in Northern Ireland but is relevant to all regions in the UK.

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Member Only 18 May 2021 | Knowledge

Creating a sustainable furnished tenancy scheme

The challenges of creating a new scheme are daunting, but furnished tenancy schemes have been proven to be essential in supporting people to sustain a home.

End Furniture Poverty has worked across the UK to understand how to create a sustainable FT scheme, from an operational, financial, and social value perspective.

We listened to insights gathered from speaking to tenants who have live-in furnished tenancies, and those living in furniture poverty and learn best practice from existing schemes with advice and support covering everything you need to know how to launch an FT scheme.

Please read the report created by End Furniture Poverty entitled no place like home.

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Member Only 13 May 2021 | People

Let's shine a light on mental health

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we were joined by CIH president Aileen Evans and CIH vice-president Jo Richardson as they discussed support for mental health and Wellbeing at Work in Housing, the latest shine a light report that outlines some key things we can all do to better support each other’s mental health. Ruth Davies from Pobl Homes and Communities talked about her own mental health journey and how it has shaped and impacted her role working in housing, and Michael Gill and Fran Stulberg showcased best practice that exists at Riverside Housing for mental health support and suicide prevention.

Member Only 13 May 2021 | Knowledge

Income management - looking back to shape the future

This event focussed on reviewing rental income and support before, during and after lockdown, looking at how managing income and our working practices has changed exponentially in the past year, especially with new technology, systems and applications being introduced. Industry experts shared their holistic approaches to income management during these unprecedented times.

Member Only 10 May 2021 | Knowledge

Mental health awareness week: supporting tenants’ mental health

In late 2020, the Shine a Light campaign released a new report – supporting people with mental health problems - looking at different approaches to help organisations raise their game when working with people who may have mental health problems.

In this session, organisations shared initiatives to better support the mental health of communities they work with, particularly through the very difficult past year, when housing providers have become more proactive.

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Free 29 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Launch of the UK Housing Review 2021

The annual UK Housing Review is packed with data and analysis about the housing market, social housing, benefits and homelessness. ICIH and the Review’s main authors explored some of the main headlines and findings from across the year, and took a deep dive into issues such as how we deal with homelessness post-Covid, whether schemes to help first-time buyers are working, and whether the government’s housing investment plans will achieve their targets.

You can purchase copies of the UK Housing Review 2021 from our bookshop.

UK Housing Review 2021

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Member Only 29 Apr 2021 | People

In conversation with Dave Procter

CIH Yorkshire and Humberside regional group member, Clive Greenwood was In Conversation with Dave Procter, chair of Together Housing Group talking about his role as an established Board Chair and giving tips on how to become an effective board member.

Dave shared some insights into his career and role as chair of a large Housing Association operating across the North of England and explored:

  • why good governance is important in housing
  • some of the skills needed to be an effective board member
  • the importance of diversity in governance
  • how to become an effective board member
  • some of the current issues facing boards in 2021
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Member Only 22 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Compassion fatigue in housing

In this vrtual event we explored why compassion fatigue and the emotionally challenging work of front line housing is important for professionals, customers, and organisations as well as the scale of the issue and what can be done to address it.

This event raised important issues impacting the well-being of housing professionals and explored the scale and effects of compassion fatigue in the sector and discussed how we might address this. We looked at the frontline role in the context of the pandemic, and following a decade of austerity to discuss the issues impacting our profession.

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Member Only 21 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Scotland’s housing leaders’ network: Housing and human rights

The next Scottish Government is likely to legislate so that human rights are incorporated in Scots law. But what does that mean for the housing sector and to what extent is our sector delivering on the human rights of tenants and communities?

We heard what the introduction of new legislation incorporating economic, social and cultural rights into Scots law will mean in practice and discussed how ready is the sector for the changes coming.

You can learn more about the Back the Bill campaign, mentioned by Professor Hoffman at the event, by clicking here.

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Member Only Virtual event 19 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Leadership forum

The Chartered Institute of Housing and the Institute of Leadership & Management were proud to deliver their third Leadership Exchange.

Our speakers discussed what is on the horizon for our leaders of the future and what the world of work could (and should?) look like, providing evidence focussed insights based on sociological, geographical and economic research and data.

Kate Cooper, Head of research, policy & standards at the Institute of Leadership & Management, also shared TILMs recent research, offering insights into the varied experience of home working and how leaders and managers anticipate their organisations will change in the next 5-10 years.

View the Prezi created by our guest speaker Nick Atkin.

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Free 16 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

CIH membership roadshow

This virtual membership roadshow focussed on the newly introduced CIH professional standards and how it impacts you.

Areas of focus were:

  • the CIH professional standards
  • how the standards will apply to you as a housing professional working in the profession
  • discussions about the standards and how they will apply to all housing professionals.
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Member Only 15 Apr 2021 | Knowledge

Reclassification and the role of tenants

With change on the horizon for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, set to classify its landlord arm as a mutual or co-operative, CIH Northern Ireland want to give our members the opportunity to play a central role in this conversation going forward.

As part of a wider series looking at this change, our speakers focused on previous social housing stock transfers, both successful and unsuccessful. We also took a closer look at the important role of tenant participation as part of this process and discussed past initiatives that we can learn from.

In addition, here is the film that Mike Owen played as part of his presentation Merthyr Valleys Homes building our mutual

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Member Only 31 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Amplifying the resident voice. Are you really listening?

Onward Homes and Stockport Homes shared their experience of working alongside residents to shape their services and make improvements to their business by listening to, and acting on resident feedback.

Areas of focus were:

  • benefits of engaging with residents
  • examples of how residents’ feedback can shape services
  • how to encourage other colleagues to work effectively with residents
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Member Only 18 Mar 2021 | Knowledge

Scotland’s housing leaders’ network: Housing to 2040

With the Scottish Government set to launch its 20 year strategy for the housing sector we considered the implication of the plan on the profession, landlords and tenants. We heard how the strategy will impact housing professionals and the service provided for tenants and communities.

Speakers from across the sector considered how the plan meets the ambition set out in the vision, and what measures need to be put in place for the strategy to be realised.

Areas of focus were:

  • The implication of the new strategy on the housing sector and profession
  • Where the challenges will be in delivering the strategy

Additional resources - member-only briefing

What you need to know: the final vision for Housing to 2040

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