16 Nov 2023

Once, twice, three times a maybe?

For a number of years now North & East has been an active sponsor of, and entrant into, the CIH All-Ireland Housing Awards. We are thrilled to be two-time consecutive winners of the ‘Best Housing Development’ award, especially as the two winning developments are so vastly different in style and design. Tooting Meadow in Co. Louth (winner in 2022) originally housed a disused fire station and North & East won the tender to design and construct a new development on the site. Given the regeneration objective for the site, the project required an innovative design solution that enhanced the streetscape of a neglected town centre site. Collier’s Place in Co. Meath (winner in 2023) was a turnkey development where we delivered the first of these bespoke specification homes in just over 12 months, in addition to bringing the previous brownfield disused industrial site to an appropriate residential density. This was a particularly significant award coming in the year of our 30th anniversary.

What both developments have in common however, is our commitment to providing high quality, energy efficient homes and tenant support. The annual awards provide us with an opportunity to showcase this commitment to a wide audience and publicly acknowledge our faith in our team and the outstanding work they do on a daily basis. Winning the awards boosts morale and give us confidence that we are on the right path in our work.

In North & East we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve in terms of new technologies and approaches to our work. The awards provide us with a huge resource of learning and information as we hear about the amazing work being carried out by our peers, many of whom we get to meet and network with on the night of the awards.

Entering the awards provides us with an opportunity to take a minute to review the significant amount of work that went into a development and showcase the hugely positive outcome of providing high quality, energy efficient homes which is what we are all about. This mission has remained the same from 1993 when we were founded to today as we celebrate our 30 years.

Will we make it a hat-trick in 2024? Who knows but we will certainly enjoy trying!

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All Ireland Housing Awards 2024

Written by Vincent Keenan

Vincent Keenan is the chief executive at North & East Housing