21 Sep 2021 | Career development | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion – how mentoring can help your organisation

Mentoring has a big role to play in successful diversity and inclusion programmes and schemes

16 Sep 2021 | Tenants and residents

Working together to make a difference - East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents and East Ayrshire Council

Kevin Hamilton, customer liaison officer at East Ayrshire Council discusses winning at the 2021 Scotland Housing Awards.

14 Sep 2021 | Career development

Mentoring vs coaching - the key differences and benefits

We explore the key differences between mentoring and coaching, when to use both learning practices and what the key benefits are.

13 Sep 2021

Raising awareness for successful partnerships - The Brick

The Brick CEO, Louise Green shares her thoughts after the charity won at the 2020 Northern Awards.

13 Sep 2021 | Career development

Supporting future generations at ClwydAlyn

ClwydAlyn shares why they chose to sponsor the future generations award at the upcoming Welsh housing awards.

08 Sep 2021

How partnerships are paving the way for homebuilders to achieve top results

For 50 years, Lovell have been working in partnership with housing associations and local authorities to create places where communities can thrive.

31 Aug 2021 | Building safety and housing management | Career development

Skills shortage: How can your business deal with a sector-wide issue?

Ahead of October's housing management summit, Paul Marston co-founder and director at Eidos Consulting Ltd discusses how you can tackle the increasing skills gap.

30 Aug 2021 | Health | Tenants and residents

Making housing and dementia a national priority: third update from the National Housing and Dementia Forum

This is the third update from the National Housing and Dementia Forum co-chaired by CIH Scotland and the University of Stirling's Dementia Services Development Centre.

30 Aug 2021 | Climate and sustainability

The whole housing sector needs to face up to the climate emergency

In this new blog for Scottish Housing Day, Catherine Hall explains why the whole housing sector needs to focus on meeting net-zero emissions by 2045.

26 Aug 2021 | Homelessness

Ending homelessness with a little help from our friends

Colette McKune MBE, CEO of ForHousing discusses how we can end homelessness – with a little help from our friends.

24 Aug 2021 | Career development

Reverse mentoring

We explore what reverse mentoring is, how reverse mentoring works and some of the key benefits to reverse mentoring.

19 Aug 2021 | Career development | Equality, diversity and inclusion

LGBT+ mentoring – why diversity mentoring matters and its impact

Mentoring is often cited as an extremely effective way to support diversity and inclusion initiatives and agendas within organisations, and with good reason.

18 Aug 2021

Craigdale Housing Association shares their experience of the Scotland housing awards

Chief executive, David Mackenzie shares more about the lead up to the event, and what winning best frontline housing story meant for the team at Craigdale.

18 Aug 2021 | Regulation and legal

Regulatory focus – lessons learned

Gemma Bell, CIH member and partner at Penningtons Manches Cooper discusses why good governance is more important than ever for registered providers of social housing.

04 Aug 2021 | Building new homes | Health

Raising the accessibility standards of new homes

CIH's senior policy and practice officer, Sarah Davis outlines why we need swift action to address poor accessibility to support the population.

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