25 May 2021

It takes a sector to raise a housing professional

Paul Murphy, CIH Scotland board member explores how, as a sector, we should help raise the next generation of housing professionals.

21 May 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Regulation and legal

We must challenge the culture on immigration

In this opinion piece, first published in the Herald, Callum Chomczuk, national director at CIH Scotland shares his views on the new imigration plan published by the Home Office.

21 May 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Digital

Digital gains

As we take the next steps out of COVID-19. Gareth Leech, chair of Housing Futures Cymru, discusses the prominence of digital that's come with the pandemic.

20 May 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Health | Regulation and legal

The real meaning of need

In a series of blogs, CIH's Yoric Irving-Clarke looks at some common philosophical assumptions, unpicking them in relation to housing. This week, he looks at the real meaning of need.

19 May 2021

Beyond engagement

Nazia Azad-Warren, tenant engagement lead at Cadwyn reflects on how the challenges around tenant engagement have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 May 2021 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Is the housing sector doing enough to tackle domestic abuse?

Andrew King, head of supported housing at Stonewater highlights that to achieve gender parity in the future, we need to be championing women’s agendas every day of the year.

13 May 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Health | Homelessness

Furnished tenancies – an essential service

Ian Fyfe, furnished tenancies manager from Torus discusses why furnished tenancy schemes are essential to help some individuals to sustain a home

11 May 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Health | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

The relentless expansion of permitted development rights - creating more homes but at what cost?

CIH policy and practice officer Hannah Keilloh explores why tackling the housing crisis isn't just about numbers, but delivering the right homes, in the right places, at the right price.

10 May 2021 | About CIH | Health

Supporting the mental health of our communities

Yoric Irving-Clarke takes a look back at the pandemic and highlights the importance of housing organisations supporting the mental health of our communities.

07 May 2021 | About CIH | Career development | Climate and sustainability

Meet Catherine Hall, CIH Scotland’s new Policy and practice officer

In this blog Catherine tells us about why she decided to work in housing and how this links in with her passion for environmental law.

04 May 2021 | Building new homes | Homelessness

The role of shared housing in helping to combat Northern Ireland's division

Policy and engagement manager Heather Wilson explores the role of shared housing in combating the enduring divisions within communities in Northern Ireland

04 May 2021 | Building new homes | Health

How can we make retirement housing aspirational and not a sign of crisis?

Louise Drew, partner and head of building communities at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau explores the disconnect between the public and housing provider perceptions of retirement housing.

30 Apr 2021 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability

Scotland’s elections and the ever-growing importance of ‘home’

In this new blog Catherine Hall, Policy and practice officer at CIH Scotland reflects on the importance of home ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary elections.

29 Apr 2021 | Health | Homelessness

Keeping 'everyone in'

As society begins to unlock, CIH's Yoric Irving-Clarke discusses why it’s vital that we don’t lose the progress or lessons we have learnt as a society during the pandemic.

28 Apr 2021 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Health | Regulation and legal

The UK Housing Review – investment in housing

Alistair Smyth, director of external affairs & social investment at The Guinness Partnership takes a look at the UK Housing Review, highlighting the importance of good, safe, affordable homes.

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