02 Mar 2022 | About CIH | Career development | Regulation and legal

We need to take the housing profession seriously, writes Kevin Rodgers.

We need to start taking the role of the housing professional seriously. I’ve always found it strange that as housing associations we employ people who are professionally

01 Mar 2022 | About CIH | Affordability and benefits | Career development

Making the most of your CIH membership in Ireland and Northern Ireland

23 Feb 2022 | Digital

Data for good

Sam Gilbert, associate researcher from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge gives us an insight into the session he'll be leading at TAI 2022.

23 Feb 2022 | About CIH | Career development | Tenants and residents

Living and leading in interesting times

Reflecting on the pandemic and challenging times we've come up against, Jane Pightling explores the importance of professionalism and the CIH professional standards.

17 Feb 2022 | About CIH | Career development | Tenants and residents

Professionalism - so much more than a qualification

Emma Withnell, learning and talent advisor with LiveWest shares more about the organisation's ambitious goals and reaffirming their commitment to professionalisation.

17 Feb 2022 | Regulation and legal

The importance of professional standards in social housing

In this new guest blog, Michael Cameron, chief executive of the Scottish Housing Regulator, reflects on the importance of embedding professionalism throughout organisations.

15 Feb 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Planning | Tenants and residents

What’s the problem with First Homes?

CIH policy and practice officer Hannah Keilloh explores First Homes, highlighting some of the frustrations and concerns around the government’s new ‘preferred discounted market tenure’.

14 Feb 2022 | About CIH

Getting out again

CIH head of policy and external affairs Rachael Williamson shares more about her recent housing industry visits.

08 Feb 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Planning | Regulation and legal

Levelling Up White Paper – a Welsh perspective

CIH Cymru national director Matt Dicks explores the detail of what the UK Government's Levelling Up White Paper could mean for Wales.

07 Feb 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Health | Homelessness | Regulation and legal

Work to be done on housing and human rights

In this opinion piece, first published in the Herald, Callum Chomczuk considers the practical steps required to realise the right to adequate housing.

02 Feb 2022 | Building new homes | Building safety and housing management | Planning | Tenants and residents

First Homes - what will it mean for rural areas?

Rural housing specialist Jo Lavis explores the findings for the recent Rural Services Network report on First Homes, following a short survey of its local planning authority members.

02 Feb 2022 | Building safety and housing management | Climate and sustainability | Tenants and residents

Will EESSH2 achieve net zero in social housing?

Following a recent Ideas Lab, Tony Boyle from Aico explores EESSH2 progress, elements of the standard, alignment with net zero targets and how it fits with changes needed across other tenures.

Sponsored 01 Feb 2022 | Career development

How to meet the needs of career starters

Learning and career development consultant Mark Anderson sheds a light on young people starting their career in today’s workplace, and challenges employers to scrutinise the support they provide.

Sponsored 01 Feb 2022 | Career development

The quarter-life crisis

Julia Yates looks at what’s behind the quarter-life crisis, and what you can do to support your employees and your organisation as it happens.

Sponsored 01 Feb 2022 | Career development

An intentional career strategy

Rosemary McLean, director at the Career Innovation Company, advocates the benefits of an explicit career development strategy to equip individuals and organisations to have a sustainable future.

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